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Would it be relevant to say that I have long brown hair, or short blonde hair? Or that I weigh 152 lbs. or 251 lbs.? Or even that I have a husband and children or that I’m single and getting lots of sleep (which is the opposite of having children, thereby indicating I surely have children or I wouldn’t know that, now would I)? That I’m a student, or perhaps a teacher? Is it about music or reading-lists? Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend? What is it, that one thing summing up who “Lucy” is?

One thing, from my best friend: Lucy is bossy, she always wants her own way … (Obviously, because if I wanted someone else’s way because it was better then I would change my mind and make THAT my way) … but that’s Ok because when Lucy doesn’t get her own way she’s a really good sport about it. (This was blurted out spontaneously after I agreed only practically at gunpoint to go to that crazy vegan restaurant downtown and then somehow managed to not say “I told you so” about the bad food and the bad service and the bad bill and the bad parking and the bad weather, etc)

One thing, from my child (who isn’t good at counting yet): Mama’s favorite things are kisses and hugs and pats. And chocolate. And rainbows. And triangles. And Larryboy. And not snakes or frogs or bugs or spiders or sharks or weeds or monsters! (Take it for what you will)

One thing, from my husband: Lucy is loyal, very loyal. (I was a little surprised, but I think that’s a good characteristic to have. Not surprised because I think I’m disloyal, but rather because I don’t think daily about myself in terms of character-traits. Stopping to think about it, I realize perhaps I might give people the benefit of the doubt too much).

One thing, from me: I have blue eyes. Winter-sky blue. Gunmetal blue. Slate blue. Not-warm-even-a-little blue. Like my father. Like my child.

You, the reader, will most likely never know entirely who “Lucy” is in the depths of my soul. This site is only about the good things and funny times and happy tears. While not nearly the whole story, everything here is true and honest and real to the best of my ability. That’s more than some people will give you.


i am lucy.....i would like to make ripples.

Lucy!!! | 11/10/2004 - 12:31 PM

Welcome to the my island! By the way, I like the cute swirly clock-calendar-thingy on your site, but there doesn't seem to be a way to comment over there. Now, THATS cool :)

Lucy | 11/10/2004 - 01:46 PM
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