Living on the Edge

I have a plan. Tomorrow I'm going to give the kids a snack, then a late breakfast, then a very late lunch, then ... (drumroll please) ... we're going to have ice-cream for dinner!

Today, when I go grocery shopping I'm going to get a half-gallon of everyone's favorite ice-cream. Five cartons is a good start. Then sprinkles. And cones, maybe waffle-bowls. Maybe I'll even MAKE waffle bowls. Popsicles in the worst neon colors known to man. Some of the twisty-kind. If they have them, Klondike-YorkMint treats. Those are the most awesome ice-cream treats ever!

What I'd really like to find that they definitely won't have here is cherry-browncows. There's one mom-n-pop grocery store near my parent's farm that has them during the summer only. Its cherry-ice-cream on a stick dipped in chocolate.

And I'll need bananas and cherries and whipped cream (cream that has been whipped, not that weird stuff called cool-whip which is really chemicals that have been whipped). You know, real whipped cream is easy. Put the wire beater in your mixer. Dump in a pint of cream. Add two tablespoons of sugar. Turn the mixer on high. Watch it fluff up. Takes about two minutes. And its VASTLY different than the fake stuff. Ick.

That will be the perfect dinner, at least the kids will think so. My husband will roll his eyes and think that I'm "soft", an "easy target" for the kids, while he laughs and builds his banana-split. Maybe he's right, but sometimes that not a bad way to be.


Rock ON LUCY!!! I don't know if you saw my response to you on my blog....if not, we do this once a month....we have a name for it "Stupid Dinner" ....last time it was banana splits.... :)

We all have to live a little!

Sheilah | 05/29/2004 - 04:26 AM
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