Call To Arms, or Sheilah Has a Frownie Face

I just love reading Sheilah's World. Mostly because Sheilah is nice, but not TOO nice in that over-whelmingly cloying fake way. And, her husband Bruce seems to be a sweetie too. (Yes, I'm getting to a point).

Bruce agreed to go to church with Sheilah, and then just couldn't bring himself to do it. Hence, Sheilah typed a frownie face. She's sadly trudging off to church by herself. Well, maybe not "sadly" because she doesn't seem the type to stay down for long.

Here's the point: We should be praying for Bruce. Actually my whole Sunday School class talked about him this morning (oh, yeah, I'm sure that's just what he wanted :) We decided that instead of praying that he'll go to church, we'd pray that he finds a deeper personal relationship with God (which might be fostered by his love of the great and wonderous and awesome outdoors which God created and which Bruce adores).

But, the more the merrier. Let's ALL pray for Bruce! The Internet is a powerful communication and organization tool, and it makes grass-roots movements possible. Please note: we aren't praying that Bruce will turn into a good person because Bruce is ALREADY a good person. We're just praying that he'll turn into a good person that has a personal relationship with God that will survive attending a "questionable" denominational church with his wife :)


Wow...I don't even know what to say or how to respond. Thank you, very much. :)

Sheilah | 06/07/2004 - 08:05 AM
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