Sick and Twisted

My internet-server vets my email by sending a note of vital info with the "questionable" email attached for viewing if I recognize the source as a non-spam. It uses a Baysian system, which manages to determine that 90% of my email is "questionable".

My computer system has a little program that automatically prohibits access to any "questionable" attachments.

Got that? My server transfers all commercial email to an attachment, my email program kills the attachments. I CAN'T GET COMMERCIAL EMAILS. You know, like SHOPPING emails.

My husband found this hilarious, until he realized I freaked about losing rebates and coupons, etc (not just ads). But, there's nothing to be done about it. He would if he could, sweet deluded man that intentionally set it up so that "shopping" wasn't a priority.

lalalala, thinking happy thoughts ... AIEEEEEEEE .... lets try again .... lalalalala ... happy thoughts ... :)

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