Don't You Start With Me ...

I was supposed to take the boys to the pool yesterday, but it completely slipped my mind in the midst of the remodeling-chaos. Last night, after dinner I found myself reminded rather firmly. So, I found myself sitting in the kiddie-end of the pool-complex next to the big green frog-slide (you climb up his back, jump between his eyes, and slide down his tongue). My boys were living on the edge, sliding down on their tummies. I was relaxing, enjoying just watching them having a good time. Duh-duh-duh-duh (music from Jaws).

Two other children, about age five, decided to play on the frog slide too. Thats fine, its supposed to be a slide for everyone afterall. Taking turns is good, learning to play nicely with others is important, blah, blah, blah.

The aforementioned two other children decided it was more fun to climb up the frogs front and jump onto people coming out of the frogs mouth and knock them off the slide. Ever seen a mama go from "relaxed limp-noodle" to "adreniline pumped psycho" in about one second? I'm sure its alarming. For some reason, I just thought of those nature videos that show an alligator lounging in the water until some stupid racoon comes near the edge of the water and suddenly the alligator lunges forward in a blaze of speed and power to eat up the little stupid racoon in one bite. Anyway, back to my "moment"...

In about one second (ie, by the time the boy and girl surfaced at the bottom of the slide) I informed them loudly "Hey! You! Do NOT do that again. Go around and get in line, taking turns like everyone else. That was dangerous!" Got to admit, the boy sighed and answered "Yes, ma'am" and headed off to get in line. Oh, but the girl ...

Can you believe a five year old girl had the nerve to stand up and give me that head-snapping attitude and say "I can do it any way I want to!" I almost felt sorry for her (much, much later). Finger pointing in her face, its possible I announced REALLY loudly "Don't You EVEN Start With Me! The Next Time, I'll Have The Lifeguard Throw You Out. Do You Understand Me!?!" She started looking at her mother, who was sitting about ten feet away (looking at the ceiling, the walls, the floor, anywhere but at her child). She decided it was prudent to go get in line with everyone else.

Hmmmm, you might be saying. How is this a happy-happy post? Well, I feel much happier since I've decided that I just don't care if everyone else is happy or not. (Do any of you remember Calvin-n-Hobbes cartoon? Think about the one where Calvin is at the bus-stop in the rain. He says "I wish I was dead". The next panel he's just standing there. The final panel, he smiles and says "No, I wish everyone else was dead". Not sure why I thought of that, I'm not really all that grim) I don't generally go around insulting children, but I've decided that some of them might benefit from a little honest confrontation. Some people are almost scared of their children (actually, I think scared that their children reflect their abysmal parenting skills). I am NOT one of those people. And I am NO longer going to hold my tongue. I have reached the limit.

What pushed me here, you might ask? The vacation nightmare, the remodeling nightmare, the scheduling nightmare, the shopping nightmare. I'm done. I am SO done. I refuse to live like this. Thats right, Lucy has switched over to mode of "Get. It. Done. Now." This means a lot of projects around the house about the remodeling will start seeing real progress. That will make my husband happy. Unfortunately, for him, the new mode comes with the "if you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem" attitude.

I think I'm going to go make cookies. I can do that while painting. And I want to, the yummy kind with white-chocolate. Life shouldn't be just about making it from one "special event" to another. So, today we're having dessert for lunch. Yahooo! On with the adventure!

Note to husband: The kids had home-made oatmeal for breakfast, and cheddar cheese for snack. They'll have plenty of veggies at dinner :)


I'm so glad you will be posting more often. I support your involvement with other children, but pray that you will be discerning. I adopted two special needs boys out of the foster care system and it took us some time to socialize them. Of course, we didn't look the other way at the pool either. But there are kids out there that are real challenges to even the best parents - highly functioning autistic children, for example, may appear to be normal misbehaving children. I know you will approach this in love, which overcomes all.

Earth Girl | 09/02/2004 - 08:26 PM

Oh boy I'm having one of those days myself. You go girl!

tammy | 09/03/2004 - 04:23 AM
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