Green Feet

Last night, I stained the concrete floor in the basement office a lovely shade of green, because that's what my husband wanted at the time. This resulted in the bottom of my feet being stained green. Solid green. VERY green. It wouldn't wash off.

This morning, Cassie (age 2) is wrestling us awake when my husband gets a brilliant idea -- quick as a wink, he snaps his fingers and tells Cassie "I have a magic trick, snap/snap, Mommy's feet are now green!" I flip the bottom of my feet so Cassie can see them, thinking she might giggle. She screams "NO ... no no no no ... mutter/mutter/extra-intense-frown" as she checks the bottom of HER feet for green. After he stops convulsing, my husband explains to her that it was a trick and that the green on the bottom of Mommy's feet was just paint. Her whole body relaxed, but ... OH!, the look she gave him! I don't think it amused her that it only sent him into further gales of laughter.


Poor Cassie....

Sheilah | 09/06/2004 - 11:43 PM
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