Anxiety, Or The Lack Thereof

Yesterday morning, Lee woke me up with a swift poke in the eye and an urgent question. "Mama?!? Why is there a big hole in the ceiling?"

Normally, this would send adrenaline courseing through my body. Now, I'm unphased. Nothing more than a vague curiousity wondering what WOULD cause a "big hole in the ceiling". Perhaps a meteor? (Keep in mind that I was still half asleep)

Come to find out, he was looking at the "big hole" that is where the light fixture will be installed today (or tomorrow) (or the next day) (or next week) (but definitely by Christmas).

What I find find more alarming than the "big hole" is that I lacked any kind of anxiety, or even surprise. Think about that: I wouldn't have been surprised at all if a meteorite crashed through the roof of my house. Literally. I would have just nodded, and muttered "well, at least I haven't refinished the floor in that room yet". This is NOT an indicator of a healthy mind.

Even more disturbing is that my contractor just nodded knowingly and announced "Yep, you've reached the numb stage. It'll start coming together and be better soon". Think about that, too: this is a COMMON stage.

On an "up" note, I've heard that euphoria is the next stage after the project is done! That should be good :)


I feel for you....remodeling sucks big wind. :)

Sheilah | 09/09/2004 - 10:43 PM

Oh how I miss those years Lucy. My boys went and grew up no matter how many times I would kiss their little heads and push downwards...You must stay little and not grow up, No No No!

Lucy, your mind is fine and that lil' Lee, what can I say?

Treasure from God Above!

Janelle | 09/11/2004 - 07:51 AM

Oh mercy girl you have my sympathy on the remodel We've been at it for 6 years! I'm past numb!

tammy | 09/13/2004 - 04:08 PM
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