Halloween Costumes

Well, that time is almost upon us. Last year, I convinced everyone to go as Superman, Superboy, Superboy, and Supergirl. Easy: blue sweat pants, superman underwear set, fake red velvet cape ($1 per yard at Walmart, its called "costume velvet"). Except for Cassie, she wanted a red lace cape. And my husband refused to wear a cape at all.

This year, I'm not so lucky. Cassie is going to be a princess, Lee is going to be Batman, and Ron is going to be RobinHood. My husband refuses to dress-up at all :( Although, if I lose enough weight that I weigh less than he does, then next year he'll dress up as the tall yellow "M" so I can dress up as the short red "M" and we can be "M&M's" which I think would be cute and he thinks would be a fate worse than death!

Cassie is going to be the flounciest princess ever. I bought the most atrocious junior bridesmaid dress on extra-clearance. Pale pink raw silk and tulle as far as the eye can see! Add a bunch of rhinestones, a white velvet cape trimmed in maribou, and a sparkly tiara. I can't let her have the Sceptor of Power, because she uses it to beat people that don't do her bidding.

Lee has been determined to be Batman since last Halloween. He's been lobbying for a utility belt with cool gadgets. I'm a good costumer, but not THAT good. Still, he seems satisfied with a cool Batman shirt that I've assured him he can wear lots and lots. Once again, problem solved with sweatpants and cool velvet cape!

Ron will argue me to tears over RobinHood. First it was the color of the pants. I think brown and he thinks green. I showed him a picture. He told me that it didn't matter because in his head, he liked to imagine RobinHood with green pants. How do I argue with that!?! Once again cool velvet cape (brown) and sweatpants. Little hat with red feather. Done ... or so I thought. Ron hit me with The Big Idea. He wants a bow&arrow. Thats a huge part of who RobinHood is. He needs one desperately.

I've not been sleeping well lately, or perhaps just not sleeping enough. Either way, I am SO easy. I've decided to order Lee the really cool full-head Batman mask, I'll get Cassie tennis shoes and trim them in maribou too, and I'll order Ron the bow&arrow with the stipulation that it gets put up the morning after Halloween.

I told Ron the last part of those surprises so he could relax (ie quit plotting ways to convince me to do what I was, unbeknownst to him, going to do anyway). I overheard him telling Lee about it. " ... then she's going to put it up so we'll have to shoot a lot of things that night!"


I think they have Utility Belts at IKEA.

King of Fools | 09/15/2004 - 10:42 PM

This site is nothing if not educational. I learned a new word today, courtesy of The Resplendent Mango. "Snork". Thats when you emote so strongly that your beverage of choice hiccups out your nose! Could be apoplectic fury, or hysterical laughter.

Snork. Snork!

Thats my new favorite word, and it goes SO well with my old favorite store (IKEA). Both the fury, because Ikea is a good store full of great merchandise that is held hostage by evil employees. And the laughter, which is when friends taunt me about the lengths I will go to in order to secure a copy of that catalog.

Long story short (a novel concept around here): after a particularly horrid exchange with the customer service people who refused to send me a catalog because I lived in an inappropriate zip-code, I went to the website and entered the zip-code of everyone I knew until someone got approved. Then I paid that person to request a catalog and mail it to me (third person). And, yes, it was all I had dreamed it might be. Not to mention the satisfaction of beating the losers at Customer non-Service. You know, not that I'm obsessive or anything :)

Lucy | 09/16/2004 - 03:50 AM

I think I'm the loser in this game.

I keep getting these darned catalogs.

King of Fools | 10/21/2004 - 10:11 PM

LOL! Snork, snork!

Lucy | 10/22/2004 - 01:13 PM

requet a catalog

MONA HARTLEY | 09/20/2006 - 05:18 PM

you all are christan losers jewish people rule!

ekrhijgfuyguh`e` | 10/16/2006 - 12:28 AM
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