I Forgot I Liked Todd Rundgren

I was watching Lazytown when I heard that Laura Branigan had died. I liked her music back in the day when my friends had big hair. I was never allowed to have big hair, and truth be told I really didn't want "stylish" big hair. It seemed awfully tanglely. Guys in highschool liked to sit behind me in class because I had longish soft non-tangley non-sprayed hair that just barely brushed the top of the desk behind me. I also wasn't allowed to listen to music at home. My mother didn't like a bunch of noise around the house all the time. Certainly not any music like Laura Branigan, which is a shame since its really quite perky and high-energy.

I went to amazon.com and ordered a Laura Branigan CD which is almost as perky as the music on Lazytown (which is not available in English in the states yet). Then amazon.com suggested that others had bought Bonnie Tyler Cd's. Wow! I like Bonnie Tyler even better than Laura Branigan. (Chick-Rock is the best) When I got the Bonnie Tyler CD (which makes me very happy) there's a song on it thats a duet with Todd Rundgren.

I know very little about him, except that he's an older musician. The kind of musician that made it before the industry started "marketing" music. The kind of musican that can actually sing. REALLY sing. If he were alone, in the jungle away from electricity with no instruments, he would still sound great. That started me thinking about seeing him on David Letterman a few months ago. This older guy came on stage in a purple silk (?) suit, and hat. And he's not cute. He definitely has scary hair. Then he started singing, and it was ok. Then he REALLY started singing. The song was so sharp, poking sly fun at the "professionals" that are marketed as stars. And he just radiated attitude, and almost amusement that the current teenyboppers thought they were real musicians. I got the distinct impression his performance was kinda a slap along with the message "You will NEVER be me". I love that kinda attitude, especially by extra-talented nice guys that are clean and sober.

My husband has that attitude. That weirdly amused "bring it on" attitude. Self-confidence that some bitter people might percieve as arrogance, except that he's so honestly nice that its impossible to not like him. Even his ex-girlfriends all like him (although a few definitely don't like me, and I'm OK with that :)


I came here from Google and this isn't at all what I was expecting

teenyboppers | 11/15/2005 - 08:37 AM
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