Misinformation vs Ms. Information

I'm continually appalled by the lack of knowledge men seem to possess about women as a group. (This qualifies as a "happy" post because I'm going to play Ms. Information and save any random guy reading this a lot of grief, and thats good news for them)

No, this is not about KOF and his comment problem. That made me laugh. Later. After I had a nap.

This is about the dreck I read in Men'sHealthMagazine, which is occassionally a little crude but often informative about health issues. I love my husband enough to read up about what vitamens are good for men, for example. Anyway, here's what got my attention in the editors column:

MensHealthMagazine editor David Zinczenko wrote "Repeatedly ... heard the same thing from their women friends: I have a career, I have financial independence, and I'm tired of putting up with him ... Nicole Beland, columnist, points out ... young women today don't expect a man to take care of them. Their priorities are an education, a career, and a financial strategy... And a man, if he happens to come along, would be a nice addition".

The magazine goes on to outline a plan that essentially advocates men become more like women, sensitive listening etc. Here's the reality: ALAN ALDA IS NOT THE SECRET DESIRE OF EVERY WOMAN. He's just not. I think they confuse sensitive/modern/liberated with supportive/nice/decent. And there is a difference. For example, men that cry at the drop of a hat creep me out (and most of my friends too, although its ok if its a big deal but that doesn't include AT&T commercials). We like guys that call their grandmother once a week like its no big deal.

Sure, most of my female friends don't EXPECT a man to take care of them ... but that doesn't mean they don't WANT a man to be willing to take care of them. And thats not heresy, thats the truth.

When X-men-2, the movie with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, came out we went to go see it the same week as Tina and Rob. Later we were talking to them, and Rob happened to be joking about not knowing what women want. Tina and I looked at each other and laughed. "Are you thinking of that scene?" "Oh, yeah. THATS what women want!". *crickets chirping ... guys looking clueless*

Do you remember the scene where the chick with the white streak of hair (Rogue?) is trying to escape and Wolverine covers her retreat by wrecking havoc left and right with passion and fury? That's it, simple as that. Women want men that are willing and capable of stepping into the breach when necessary.

Sometimes I take care of myself, because I want to. Not because I have to. And THATS what women want.


You tell em Lucy!

Sheilah | 09/22/2004 - 04:59 AM
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