Sorry, I'm Late (and about half crazed)

Although I would have preferred late-and-calm. Better late than never, I suppose. Of course, my "supposings" and judgement are not to be trusted at this particular moment. I've been abandoned here at home alone with FIVE children. Hmmm. You might recall that I personally only have THREE children. AND there will be two more joining me at some point today. Yes, the one that talks like a baby-robot and his little sister (the one that only wants to eat what's on MY plate). Lalalala ... I'm in my happy place!

You might also have noticed there are two new sites listed under "Excursions" on my side-bar. TheGoodEarth and SeedlingAndSprouts. They are both FABULOUS blogs that I enjoy tremendously. I meant to add them months ago, but I don't do my own adding. Even though I sent in the request my husband-computer-guru was swamped at work and let it slip between the cracks. Then, like magic, one day they just appeared! Of course, then I was too swamped to write an entry welcoming them to the list! I've decided its better to just get a heartfelt (if slighly rambling) welcome posted instead of waiting for the time and energy to do an elegant and gracious post.

EarthGirl at TheGoodEarth is a breath of fresh air and a whiff of fresh dirt, in the very nicest kind of way. When I read her site, I get the feeling its Spring even in the darkest winter. Ya know how great dirt smells in Spring when it thaws and flowers start pushing up? Thats how her site is. Everything fresh and new and charming. It just makes you relieved to think "Oh, look, she's adding sprigs to her fresh flowers and her children are SO well-adjusted." Its very unlikely we'll ever read her post that her husband has moved to Canada to shack-up with an amatuer wanna-be porn-actress while starting an outdoor-hiking-supply-store. (That almost kinda happened to a friend of mine. I couldn't make this stuff up!)

Julie at SeedlingsAndSprouts lures you in with great writing, and pictures of manatee-prostitutes. Every time I go there I immediately smile at the picture of the rocks with the paint job. I swear that looks like a manatee-prostitute to me. I do NOT want to know what that says about my psyche. Even people with a normal mind will enjoy Julie's site. She manages to find depth and interest in all kinds of things, but she does it so subtly that you suddenly find yourself mesmerized. When you read her site, you'll find yourself thinking often "I never thought of it quite that way before". She takes the ordinary to the next level.



I do have pictures of manatees from our honeymoon but I haven't posted those on my blog...!

Some imagination!

Here's the link to the post where I explained the pictures on my site.

I think what you are describing is known in these parts as Frog Rock. An island landmark. One version of it, the one on my blog, is part of a playground (oops, wrote "payground" the first time!)

Thanks for the link and for all your kind words. It's fun to find each other...take care and don't go too crazy :-)

got to go now feed kids cereal before they get crazy...

Julie | 11/23/2004 - 05:34 PM

You can say thats a frog all you want. On my screen it looks turquoise, with hot pink lips. Definitely not a SEDATE manatee (or frog). If that manatee (or frog) isn't getting paid for it, she's giving it away for free!

Lucy | 11/23/2004 - 08:41 PM

Glad your back! I'll be sure and check out the new sites :)

Sheialh | 11/23/2004 - 10:24 PM

Thanks for the link and especially for the laugh. My children are teenagers. Are any teenagers well-adjusted? And I'm pleased to report that hubby is the original straight arrow, except for his warped sense of humor. And the biggest laugh was the manatee prostitue! Thanks for linking to Julie. I've found another site in which to lurk.

Earth Girl | 11/24/2004 - 03:03 AM

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sheilah | 11/24/2004 - 07:14 PM

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