Act Of Love

Its the middle of the night, practically. I've been coughing loud enough to wake the dead, and certainly the gentle man trying to sleep next to me. So, as an act of love, here I am ... wide-awake ... in another room ... blogging until I drop. At some point exhaustion will kick in, rendering me unconcious regardless of the desire to cough. Only then will I slip back to my warm comfy bed and sleeping husband.

I read once that guys appreciate love expressed through actions more than through words. Note to Husband: Pay attention! This means "I love you"!


Awww...poor Lucy! I still have residual cough from the flu over two weeks ago! Cod Liver oil helps, you can get it in capsules.

Hope you get some sleep tonight!

Leni | 02/17/2005 - 05:22 AM

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