My Tongue Is Numb

Things that are swirling around my mind tonight:

My tongue is a little numb. I think its from the vapor rub. Hmmm.

I definintely noticed some improved seratonin levels tonight while fixing dinner. My husband did some tiny annoying thing. I don't even remember what. But I find it fascinating that last week I would have had a stroke about it and tonight I noticed it with no emotional investment at all. Seratonin up, blood pressure down, all's good on the Island.

I was looking for some 1960's Pucci reproduction fabric to make a cabinet-skirt in shades of mint green, preferably with swirls. I found some really cute stuff from the 1920's with great scale. I thought my husband would prefer it to florals. He doesn't. We've been married twelve years and tonight is the first time he's stated clearly "I hate geometrics. All of them. In art. In fabric. In ANYTHING visual. No No NO" I previously thought he just disapproved of abstract modern art. Personally, I find it sad that he can't see the genius and difference of fabrics from the 20's to the horrors of the 70's. Its not like I painted the living-room orange! Still, better to find this out now than when I recovered the couch in circles. The goal IS for him to like our home.

I've decided to re-cover the piano keys, and move it into the livingroom where the storage cabinet used to be. I think it'll fit perfectly. How odd I didn't see that until this very moment.

Ya know, next I was going to write a long post about the Black Irish, the importance of inherited personality traits. But its getting a little hard to focus so I think I'll go play at


Did you ever see the kid's show Gullah Gullah Island? Every time I come here, I find myself humming the theme song, but about Lucy's Island. Both seemed like a happy place to be! LOL!

Hope you're feeling better!

Leni | 02/18/2005 - 03:53 PM
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