The Tomato Fiends

I was going to entitle this entry "My Children Are Bad, Too" but that wasn't really true. Its not their fault.

See, my husband dislikes tomatoes (although he adores ketchup and spaghetti sauce). One of my favorite foods is raw tomatoes. I like them straight, I like them with a little salt, I like them on toast with a little mayonaise. When pregnant, I like them dipped in dark chocolate. I LIKE tomatoes.

I used to rest comfortablely in the knowledge that my tomatoes where safe, right where I left them, because my husband wouldn't touch them. I used to enjoy getting extra tomatoes from his salad at restaurents. It was a good relationship.

Ron and Cassie both LOVE tomatoes. You should have seen Ron's eyes light up when he realized you could make tomato sandwiches! And Lee informed me last week that he now likes tomatoes, because before he didn't know that's where ketchup came from and he REALLY likes ketchup.

What does this mean to me? No tomato is safe! If I want a tomato, I have to buy four. Three to distract the children, and one for me to eat quickly before they get any ideas.

Sure, labeling will work with my husband. If he sees a label on it, he'll never touch it (or even give it another thought). But the children ... ? No, labeling won't work with them. They see that as a challenge ... slipping up beside me, looking at my tomato, and whispering "share? please?". I just sigh and hand over the tomato.


We say tom-ah-toes and I have to hide a couple for myself! You're too generous, Lucy!

bonnie | 02/20/2005 - 07:30 PM

My husband just looks at me and shakes his head ... "Easy". Once I overheard him tell the boys "I'm not like your mother". I'm pretty sure the boys already knew that!

My husband is strict (and I am too about most things), but they know there's that grey area ... Sometimes Lee will put one hand on each of my cheeks and look intently into my eyes, waiting until I laugh to whisper "please?"

And sometimes Ron will wink and tilt his head just right and give me a look that dissolves me into giggles. Then, he strikes while the iron is hot! "Please?"

Cassie has definitely NOT learned how to play me yet. I suspect its just a matter of time!

Lucy | 02/20/2005 - 08:08 PM

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