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Ever wonder why I haven't caught up on my laundry? Well, some have, so here's todays reason that Laundry Will Not Be Finished ...

We're thinking about building a house, perhaps even starting construction sometime this Summer. Originally, we were thinking about it two years ago. Since I'm a research-the-details kinda girl, I accumulated tons of books and "idea files". (Note: I actually have more architecture-type books than the local library). I subscribe to decorating magazines, architecture magazines, construction magazines, real-estate magazines, travel magazines. You never know where you'll find a picture of the perfect detail. Having exhausted both the selection of American magazines and our postman, I turned to foreign stuff. I'm especially fond of British and Italian magazines.

What does this have to do with my lapse in laundry? Stay with me ...

The point is that I have an obscene amount of primary research material on easy to reach shelves. Very "picture oriented" materials. The kind that small children would think a treasure trove of ideas AFTER THEIR FATHER TOLD THEM TO THINK OF SOME IDEAS FOR THEIR ROOMS IN THE NEXT HOUSE! The problem is that they're too small to appropriately document the ideas so that Daddy can be informed of them later.

Thus, the laundry issue. Today, instead of doing laundry, I'm taking absolutely REAMS of notes about things they'd like and wouldn't like. Making notes so Daddy can find the inspiring page later. Trying to keep Cassie from ripping pages in her excitement to look at books just like the big boys. Explaining that "no, you can't have a little square pool in the corner of your room" (which turned out to be a hot tub). Assuring that I will indeed stencil every available surface with super-hero designs. Wondering if my husband had any idea of the tempest he was loosing :)


Wow! An adventure! Have you built before? The closest we've come is having a contractor build for us in a development. Many decisions...fun, if you are prepared...which it sounds like you are! :-)

Julie | 02/24/2005 - 05:29 AM

Wow...very cool!

Let me just tell you...I am the queen at finding a reason not to do the laundry...it's my most dreaded chore....so if you ever need a reason quick...let me know :)

Sheilah | 02/24/2005 - 05:51 AM

Its mostly fun, if you find a good contractor. This will be our first "build" although we feel THOROUGHLY expierenced after the fiasco of remodeling/repairing the house we're in now.

I kinda think my husband is considering building because just being in this house raises his blood-pressure.

It will be like taking on a full-time job for me. I'm a little detail oriented :) I'm well aware that I drive most contractors nuts. And since I have extrememly flexible scheduling I can be on/near the job site 24/7 almost. I'll drive them to drink!

Lucy | 02/24/2005 - 05:14 PM
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