That Time Of Year ...

Its that time of year again ... Daffodils are sprouting, trees are greening, Mormons are roaming.

I met two pleasant earnest young Mormons while I was "walking" the kids around the block today. They inevitably remind me of a friend of mine whose son is about that age (and also Mormon). I worry about people being mean to David while he's doing his mission-trip-thing. It kinda changes your approach to those door-to-door missionaries when you remember that they're somebody's son. Maybe somebody's misguided son, but still ...

I gave them Gatorade, in a squirty bottle, which I just found this morning at Walmart. I happened to stock-up because it seems like the kind of thing I could use when the kids are sick. You'd have thought I'd given them gold! I almost felt bad that such a little thing elicited such gratitude. (They'd probably have passed out if I had given them cookies!)

So ... just a thought ... even if you're disagreeing with them, and in a hurry ... maybe you could also pick up some extra Gatorade. In case you find a pair of roaming Mormons in your yard.

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