Lingo Review

My husband switched our long-distance carrier to Lingo, an online phone service. Aieeeee! Evil, evil, evil.

It is the worst possible situation! They messed up switching the phone, making it so that friends down the street had to call a long-distance number to reach my house. Sometimes the calls go through, usually after attempting to dial at least three times. Sometimes we get the "Your call can not be completed as dialed" message, in the middle of a phone-call right before it cuts you off. It is completely ridiculous.

I was trying to talk to my husband while he was at work, and the phone cut us off just as he was asking "Do you want ...". I called back and said "I'll TELL you what I want", as he interupted laughing and grimacing "I'm sure I know what you want and I'll take care of it". Yes, we'll be getting a new phone service. Today, actually. Because its my theory that I should be able to just pick up my phone and use it, the first time every time. Lingo isn't getting it done.


Too bad on the Lingo deal, I know some people that signed up because of the unlimited Mexico. I use voip as an add on to my exisiting phone service, not switching over just yet, no one is that reliable. I'm currently using Zingotel and for the price they are great. The occassional call drop, but it's to be expected, especially with calls going over the internet, so many things can go wrong. My friends with Lingo are happy for now. Good luck

Cassandra | 06/11/2006 - 07:06 PM
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