Lucy Goes To Lunch

This morning my husband took some time off to take us out to the house-site to watch the bulldozer work on the road. (Yes, we're indeed building the house this Summer. Bwahahahaha. I'm sure there'll be posts later. Lots of posts.)

The driveway is amazing. My husband calls it a road, I call it a VERY long driveway. (As he tells his family/friends who raise their eyebrows at the size of our site "Here, land is cheap".) We went all the way to the top of the ridge today, and the view is fabulous. I forget how pretty it is until I get up there, and then the memory is marred by my fear of ticks on the way down. And, yes, I should be very afraid of ticks. If you count the baby-ticks on my husband, last weekend we de-ticked the family of about 47 ticks. TICKS! But thats another post. One I won't actually be writing because I'm trying to keep down the blood-pressure.

Anyway, after a lovely morning of pleasent surprises, I volunteered to take us out to lunch before dropping my husband at the office. There's this new restaurant I wanted to try. Afterall, I have a coupon. I thought it was the new location for the potato-bar that closed on mainstreet. NO...... it was not. Instead it was a ... Country Karioke Biker Bar. I kid you not. I couldn't make this stuff up.

As we pulled up in the parking lot, pausing to let a few Harleys turn left, my husband and I just looked at each other. We went to PizzaHut.


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bwdjcwunsmn | 12/22/2012 - 02:59 PM
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