Thomasina Sawyer

I am defintely Thomasina Sawyer! This morning my husband went in to work late, after fixing the downed curtain rods in Cassie's room. He just looked in amazement at three children arguing over who got to mop the kitchen and wipe down the cabinets. Lee was SO psyched because it was his turn to mop, while Ron and Cassie were SO thrilled to use the "special" dirt-erasing sponges.

I tell you, its all about the brainwashing! Parents lose so many opportunities to shape their children's minds. Mine clean, and eat vegetables, and are generally nice to their siblings. They pray for the people in passing ambulances and policemen. They stand up straight when they say the Pledge of Allegiance. They answer the phone "Jones residence. How may I help you?"

Sure, they have moments of wild mischief and scandelous behavior. But I'm pretty sure that they'll always be "home" for the Holidays. Which we all know is the goal of parents, to ensure a good turnout for family holiday events. Ok, so maybe that isn't the goal of ALL parents, like my husband for example. Its a good thing he married me!

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