My Drop, Plus Your Drop, Plus Another Drop

There is a really good "action" idea at the bottom of the post. Don't let my long-windedness get in the way of you seeing the light. I heard a really great quote once, whose author escapes me, "Forgive me, I don't have time to be brief"

I was reading Clayton Cramer's Blog, which I do occassionally when I'm cruising Admiral Quixote's Roundtable. By the way, that's not a dead site afterall.

Since I can't make trackbacks work yet, here's the relevant part of his post:

"There is at least one person who deserves more than her picture in the paper, and that's Amber Deahn. She's a waitress. I rather suspect that she doesn't make an huge amount of money doing that--maybe $8 an hour with tips? I'm going to write out a check to Amber Deahn, and mail it to her in care of her employer:

2300 N 4th St.
Coeur D'Alene, ID 83814

This is a hint to the rest of you. I suspect that if 10% of my readers could send her $10 or $20 each, it would probably help wipe out some credit card debt, let her go out to a nice dinner, and put a little money into savings. Can you think of anyone who deserves it more today?"

Now, I'm not prone to sending people money. I need my money. But ... what if your child were missing? What if the only difference between life in Hell and death in a shallow grave after torture was the fact that a waitress at Denny's was paying attention and able to stay calm while the mass-murdering freak sits there sipping his coffee?

And, I'm not prone to sending people checks (because checks have my home address on them). But, cash? You know, $10 in cash isn't all that much. Or even $5. Thats a super-huge-jumbo-latte. Or a Martha Stewart magazine. Or two boxes of popsicles on sale. Really, $5 is just a drop in the ocean.

But, what about my drop plus your drop plus another drop plus more drops? It would be nice to have a bucketful of drops.

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