Perceptions of Lucy

We're starting a slightly different than planned series on Perceptions of Lucy, which will eventually morph into the previously mentioned series on perceptions of self versus others.

We'll start off with "Lucy, Percieved To Be Stupid".

The wipers on the van broke a little more. Previously, they had stuck in the "up" position when finished wiping instead of settling down near the edge of the hood. It didn't bother me, and they were still functional, and it takes time and scheduling to get them fixed, so I let things go. (How's THAT for a run-on sentence!) Incidentially, the estimate to have them fixed at the dealer was $80.

Yesterday, I slammed the door which caught the wiper in the door and mangled the wiper-blade (but not the wiper-arm, just so you know). I figured the repair would be about $100-$120 dollars. I dropped it off at the dealer, who said he'd call with an estimate. Later, the call came to the house with the estimate ... for $550. Thats right. About $550. I told him I'd have to call my husband. Who said -- no. Well, there was slightly more emotion than that when HE said it. I called back to the dealer and said "no, I don't think so" to which the man from the service department said "well, there's diagnostic time involved which you'll still have to pay. $62." I told my husband that one. He called the GENERAL manager for the dealerships and pointed out very calmly and very quietly and very politely that he was in no way pleased that the service-guy was trying to fleece his wife, having percieved me as someone who knew nothing about her van. Then, over the course of the next few hours ... a miracle occurred! Now the estimate is for $150. The dealership has graciously decided, from the goodness of their heart, to pay for the rest of the repair out of their own pocket. Um-hum.

Note: It's worth noting that my husband is a lot like God. I live my own life, making choices (occassionally the wrong ones) and eventually come across something which I either can't or won't deal with. Then I look around for help. There they are. Ready to take on the world for me, as soon as I ask.

Its also worth noting that I love him a lot like God, too. I have complete faith that he loves me and would never intentionally hurt me, that he's always got my best interests at heart. Even when I don't agree with him, and even when he doesn't do exactly what I want, and even when I simply don't understand what in the world he's thinking, even then ... I still know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's the best thing ever.

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