What If Kirk Married Spock?

No, this is not a weird homosexual hypothetical question introducing the issue of gay marriage. Its an introduction to the topic of opposites attracting.

You've got to admit that Kirk and Spock are opposites. Yet, they share basic core similiarities in their priorities and values. Its only the style that is opposite. Which is why my husband and I usually get along REALLY well.

He's Kirk. Laid back and charming and brilliant and risky, a natural leader beloved by all (except for the bad guys).

I'm Spock. Subtly cool and detached, vaguely sarcastic and dry-witted, quietly smart in a detailed inside-the-box kind of way, fond of rules, a natural follower capable of mind-boggling loyalty.

(Note to Readers: Since Spock wouldn't make a very cuddly mommy, I've dropped a few psychological walls)

As soon as we started dating, it freaked out all our friends because they couldn't imagine us NOT together. They found our obvious compatibility very ... disturbing. For the first time in their young lives, they could see what "forever" might realisticly look like demonstrated by someone their own age. It was a wake-up call for many of them. Bwahahahaha. But that is neither here nor there ...

Imagine Spock ramped up on pregnancy-related-hormones. Kirk's life would be really ... interesting ... wouldn't it?


My husband's repsonse was "Oh, yeah. I read it. Both funny and repulsive. Repulsive because I don't want to imagine Kirk and Spock. Funny because you have no logic in you. At all. Bwahahahaha." (He feels safe saying that because I'm slow right now.)

I pointed out that he should remember that someday I'll be quick enough to catch him. He laughs harder and blurts out "Not before the Resurrection". Admittedly, he has scary-fast reflexes. (fyi, so does Ron).

Anyway, I think he's forgotten that I'm not "quick" and "logical" because I'm like a tippy bowling-pin while incubating HIS child and that I've not gotten much sleep the past SEVEN YEARS because I take excellent care of HIS children. In other words, he's lulled into a false sense of security because I know the words to the Barney-song and laugh out-loud at the most insane knock-knock jokes.

In a year, I'll be in better shape than he is. In a decade, I'll have caught up on my sleep. Then we'll see. Yes, then we'll see. Bwahahahaha!

Lucy | 10/06/2005 - 07:07 PM
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