Hurricane Katrina Curled My Hair, And Other Thoughts

I noticed this morning that I have a perm. Did I go get one at the salon? No. Did aliens visit last night? Maybe, but they didn't do my hair.

Last night I took a bath. A nice long bath. I should have known better, but I didn't feel well. See, I've also noticed a rather overpowering chlorine smell from our pipes since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Perhaps the local utility is dealing with "stuff" in the water-table that is spreading out of New Orleans. Its hundreds and hundreds of miles away, but I've been assured that its still spreading which is kinda creepy considering. OR perhaps all the competent employees at the local utility volunteered to go to New Orleans to help them out. Leaving us with the freaks that can't tell a cup of bleach from a gallon! Either way, now my hair is effectively "permed". Which is a VERY bad bad bad thing. Sure, not as bad as being caught in a hurricane. But still bad.

Another thought: There are things that a husband should not tell his wife. For example, "Do you like the new shirt I'm wearing?" should NOT be answered with "You kinda look like a big elf." Which is moderately better than what he said the day I bought it -- "It reminds me of a circus tent!" See, I found some lovely festive striped shirts VERY on-sale and bought one in every color combo. Green/white/pink, Orange/white/cobalt, Red/white/black, Turquoise/white/green. They're fabulous! Lee thinks they're the most fabulous shirts he's ever seen. Admittedly, he's six and has a rather artistic way of looking at things. Which leads to my next thought ...

I need new friends. I'm going to choke the next one that tells me I need to wear more "adult" clothes. IE, black and navy casual business separates. They (the single thirty-somethings) are insistent that my husband will leave me for another woman if I don't become more sophisticated and sexy. I don't think sophisticated and sexy are necessarily bad. Just slightly impractical for everyday wear in my particular situation. And, lets consider my situation. He's home every night. I'm pregnant. Again. There must be SOMETHING he likes about me!

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