Good Luck To Danielle

It looks like I would just add 6-YearMedStudent to my list of linked sites. But it gives me a treat for going to SandInTheGears even on the days he hasn't written anything, which is most of them. Because I click through to her site from his site. Who knows! Maybe my tech-guy and/or husband will see this post and eventually add her to the list. This is definitely NOT the time for me to be messing about with my site myself. I lost my keys last week, for the first time in 19 years. And I for the first time ever, I have no idea how much cash is in my purse. I asked my husband not to mention it to my parents. They'd freak, completely. And drive out here, sure that I'm on my deathbed. But that is neither here nor there nor anything to do with Danielle ...

I read her site this afternoon. I usually do, now that I've found it. If you haven't found it yet, its yummy. I got hooked when she was on her morgue rotation in August. My favorite part was the slipping-on-a-banana-peel-except-its-a-spleen story. Its all there in the archives! She has a lovely way of being thorough and brief-ish at the same time. A skill that has obviously eluded me! Anyway ...

Today she posted about her first night on-call admitting patients from the ER. She was awake for 30 hours and still coherent! She's a jem. She also mentioned that the blood-taker-people take blood from patients about 2:00am so that the results are in the computer for doctor-type-people who do rounds at 6:00am. Which reminded me of my own personal favorite blood-taker-people story, which I'll tell here because I didn't want to suck up all the space in her comments.

When I'm hospitalized, it doesn't take the blood-taker-people long to realize I'm not an "easy" moment. Yes, I'm a grown-up. I'm also a grown-up thats really afraid of needles. No, I don't scream at them. I just flinch and sob. Quietly. While having a panic-attack that does horrid things to my blood-pressure and breathing. Over the years of hospitalization, I've come up with a plan.

I like chocolate. I find hot-chocolate soothing and calming. At 2:00am I need soothing. And they need calm. And we all get what we need if they bring hot-chocolate when they come to get the blood. Or, they can wake me up, do the rest of the floor while I go get the hot-chocolate, and then do me. Whatever works for them. I'm not especially high-maintainance.

The first night after I had surgery to get Lee out, the blood-taker-person came to draw blood. I was prepared, sitting in bed with a lovely cup of hot-chocolate. I turned my head, she poked my arm once, and was done in a heartbeat! So. There I was. With about half a cup of hot-chocolate. As I drifted off back to sleep, my hand relaxed, and I dumped the hot-chocolate! It didn't get under me, just beside me and over the edge of the bed. Since I wasn't in a wet spot, and since nurses have better things to do, and since I would have had to get out of bed to have the sheets changed, I decided to just let it go until later in the morning.

My doctor was making rounds about 6:00am. Since it was indeed FREAKISHLY early to be waking invalids, the lights were dimmed. She just needed a quick look at the incision. She pulled back the blanket, expecting nothing really. Suddenly she screamed! Yep, that'll get your attention. When your doctor gasps and screams.

It turns out that in dim light, dried hot-chocolate and dried blood look amazingly similiar! I felt kinda sorry for her. It must have been a real shock. She turned all kinds of pale. Which is saying something since she's Indian.


Wow! A post about me! My head is now too big to hold up while I type....hee hee hee..

She SCREAMED? LOL.. No way. That is classic. lol

Danielle | 10/12/2005 - 02:40 AM

You did it Lucy, I'm laughing. Laughing out loud, almost crying, gasping for air! My dh worked in a hospital for years and I have spent MORE than my share of time in them, and I could just picture the whole thing happening!!! LOL!!!

Off to my blog to write my funny hospital story (OK, dh's funny hospital story, but he won't write in his blog, and he'd never tell the story!)

Leni | 10/13/2005 - 07:06 PM
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