Here We Go

Tomorrow is Thursday. That means I'm on my way into the city for a doctor's appointment.

He swears that I'm not due until November. Bwahahahaha. No way on Earth that I'm due in November. I'm thinking I'm due this week.

We have agreed to disagree. And watch my cervix like a hawk. So. Tomorrow we'll know if I'm coming home for another week, or wheeling across the hallway into surgery.

Feel free to pray wildly and emphatically tomorrow. Start tonight if you're so inclined. Continue until someone (husband and/or tech-guy) posts that "Lucy is fine" or "Lucy is dead". Or until I post that I'm sure the doctor found a way to trick my cervix. He's very gifted, and I wouldn't put that past him!


Oh Lucy. I was just thinking about you today; tonight I have moved on to prayers.

earth girl | 10/20/2005 - 03:07 AM
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