Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Last night as we sat at the kitchen table, my husband was making notes on the back of an envelope of things he needed to deal with when he dashed back to the office. There were a few things on the list. Wiring things, and structural things, and ... "mirror". Which got my attention.

We have significantly different decorating styles, having grown up in different parts of the country. (He grew up in south Florida) So, we decided that it would avoid a lot of issues if we each decorated different parts of the house. I insisted that he decorate our bedroom/bathroom. Its one less huge thing for me to think about, and I like a nifty surprise now and again. All I know is that the master-bath has two sinks. Which are different from each other. And the faucets don't match either, although I've seen neither sinks nor faucets. And it has a freaking HUGE tub (because he loves me) with a waterfall faucet mounted way up the wall so it does indeed "waterfall".

So, it really got my attention when I saw a decorating item on his list of things to check on. "Mirror". I couldn't stop myself from uttering it out-loud while the wheels started spinning in my head. Hmmmm. Wonder where he wants to put mirror. Hmmm. He was vaguely thinking about mirroring the ceiling in part of the basement. Is he still thinking about that? Hmmmmmm. Then he spoke. "Mirror is for the shower."

Thoughts went through my mind in quick order. AIEEEEEEEEEE! No one can ever see my bathroom! AIEEEEEEEEEEEE! What will people say at church!?! Ewwwwwwww! I'll have to shower with my eyes closed! AIEEEEEEEEEEE! Playboy! Heffner! AIEEEEEEEEE! Must get to phone. Must call Sam. AIEEEEEEEEEE! Must try to blink. AIEEEEEEEEEEE!

You'll notice that "aieeeeee" was the predominant reaction in my head. Meanwhile, my husband is looking at me with concerned interest. A split second later it dawned on him that I was trying not to scream AIEEEEEEE out loud in a house full of children. (He's really good at knowing what I'm thinking) He laughed. A lot. Then explained that he needed to check on a small fog-free mirror for shaving his face in the shower. Then he laughed some more.

C'mon people! I think it was a completely reasonable leap to make. Meanwhile, he's still laughing. Harder and harder everytime I assert that it was reasonable. But it WAS reasonable to make that leap. Even more reasonable than the trout!


And I'm still laughing about the trout.

Earth Girl | 04/04/2006 - 08:22 PM

Me too! I'm thinking it's a reasonable thing to expect from a trout thrower!! Heehee.

Leni | 04/04/2006 - 10:17 PM

I thought one of the key buying features of our current house was the glass shower. I thought my wife felt the same, but it turns out she just didn't notice it - after all - it's clear.

King of Fools | 04/06/2006 - 12:30 AM
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