New Rule

We had an old rule: Do not interupt Mommy on the phone unless there is bleeding, either you or someone else.

Last night I was on the phone with a friend, planning a strategic drop-off of frozen pretzels. (Yes, I bought hideously over-priced low-quality frozen pretzels from a school-fundraiser. It doesn't make me a bad person. Just weak.) Lee runs up to me and even before he arrives is yelling about something. I figured out it involved a red blanket. Maybe. I gentlely but pointedly asked "Are. You. Bleeding?" with one eye-brow slightly arched, to better convey the idea that he was doing something he might not want to be doing. If he really thought about it.

He thrust out his elbow triumphantly and said "YES" and then proceeded to rant about the blanket. Which had absolutely NOTHING to do with the very very minimal bleeding. I listened for a few minutes with my mouth open, completely speechless. My friend on the phone laughed so hard she cried.

Welcome to my world, where we have a new rule. Our New Rule: You may only interupt Mommy on the phone if there is bleeding, AND you want to talk about that particular instance of bleeding.


That's pretty funny!! How about vomiting? Burglars? Earthquake? Molten lava flow in the living room? Broken glass? ;-)

Katherine | 04/12/2006 - 08:53 PM

That's too funny. Though shouldn't that be implicit? But I guess that is what makes it funny! We never had that rule. We did have a rule that you could interupt mom if that cat was choking on a doggy treat again. Mom was the only one who could heimlich her

Danielle | 04/12/2006 - 11:37 PM
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