Mothers Day

I had a great Mother's Day. My husband over-slept. Which is highly unusual. And he looks so ... sweet ... asleep which is different than the clever literalism that permeates our days now that he's exhausted all the time doing things for "us". So I took the older children to church, after dressing them in craft-appropriate clothing because you just know the lunatic-teachers will have them doing projects for me that involve paint which would totally ruin "Sunday" clothes. That left my husband laying across the bed reading while Katherine wiggled her toes in the air and made happy sounds. She makes the most faubulous happy sounds.

The plan was to go out to lunch at the restaurent of my choice, but ... he just looked so sweet. And exhausted. And comfy. So I made MY decision to grab take-out instead of dragging him out to lunch. And he gave me a GREATgift ... The Muppet Show, Season One on DVD! And he had slipped out the night before to make sure we had popcorn and the new mint-oreos! (Not to mention that I just noticed he filled up my mini-van with gas!)

Apparently, last year a new tradition was born. Then he talked the kids into getting me Herbie-the-Lovebug vintage movies and "movie" snacks so we could spend time together and I could collapse without the kids noticing and worrying.

It may not seem like the most special "mommy" kind of day. No restaurents with forks. No starched church clothes and formal family pictures. Just me and silly old movies that we can all watch together, laughing until our sides hurt while piled onto the futons in front of the tv downstairs.

And I LOVE it! This is the best tradition ever. Most of my friends were dissappointed Sunday. One was going to spend the day at her in-laws for a family potluck. So she had to cook AND be on her best behavior. Another one had planned a picnic in the park, except that it was cold and drizzlely. At least those had plans!

Yet another friend has four children, and a husband with NO plan. He even told her he'd execute whatever plan she came up with! She refused to plan her own suprise day. I can't say I blame her. But, it was funny-ish when during the afternoon he started sending children to her to ask her what she wanted to do about Mother's Day. Dude! Its the afternoon of Mothers Day! Its TOO LATE to get a plan! Eventually her kids decided it would be a good idea to order pizza and rent a movie. Which was eeriely similiar to my day except that I watched something good and she got stuck with Bambi part two. And I didn't have to have a breakdown because my husband HAD a plan!

Which led me to tell my husband while he was shaving and I was rambling " ... and so next year Steve needs a better plan!" My husband just snorted and smirked under his breath (and, yes, that takes talent) " ... what Steve needs is a wife that'll let him sleep in on Mother's Day ..." Sometimes he just makes me feel all tinglely!


Sounds lovely! My husband rescued Mother's Day a week ahead of time! Then on Mother's Day he made me Sweet and Sour stir fry, and let me loaf on the couch with a book and a remote!

I did, however, tell one man in church that I would slap him if he continued to spout "I didn't do anything for my wife, she's not MY mother!" I told him that it's his fault she IS a mother, and that the younger men in the church might follow his example. Then I'd tell their wives to lynch HIM.

Leni | 05/16/2006 - 04:41 PM

Well, I don't think Steve will be getting you!

Leah | 05/16/2006 - 04:56 PM
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