Oh! This is just TOO good. My husband passed along a link to me about some video that a co-worker/friend of his took at a retirement party. In order to make it easier to disseminate among his peers, the guy loaded it on his WEB-SITE!

Now, we have the url for his website (if you chop the video address down to its root). Yes, thats right. I now have the url for his blog. And he has no clue. Ok, he wasn't really trying to hide it, but I don't think he actually thought he'd get any interest. Do you have any idea how tempted I am to let mayhem loose all over? Bwahahahaha ....

Ok. No mayhem. He's actually a nice guy. But I suddenly feel this overwhelming urge to comment on his site using my middle name and leaving no tracking information. Unless he's freaky enough to track my ISP. Although he seems to post weekly and I could just use the computer at the library! Oh! Thats a good plan!!!!!

I don't know why I feel so delighted that I know something and he doesn't know that I know! I already know that he's a Buddhist, confirmed on his site although in face-to-face conversation he won't tell you even if you ask him out-right. Its interesting what people will reveal casually and/or carelessly on their website that they aren't comfortable talking about nose-to-nose.

I did scan the other commenters and none of them are locals. Certainly no one that will bump into him in the hallway and at staff parties. Bwahahahahaha. I am so ... pleased ... at this turn of events. I'm sure that says something horrid about my psyche!


You're a twisted woman, Lucy.

OK, so I "spy" on my sil's blog. She has NO idea that I even know what a blog is. I do not want her to know that I have a clue, lest she try to find mine.


Leni | 05/26/2006 - 02:22 AM

Yeah, I've been just blown away by the things some people leave out in the open on their blog or website. I dunno, thinking people won't look, or thinking people somehow just won't find it. For instance, I recently stumbled across a site belonging to someone I've known out here in the real world for years... and learned (surprise, surprise!) that they're bisexual.

Yes, people put stuff like this right out in the open! Apparently just not thinking, because a good part of the time I'm convinced they'd be mortified at the thought of the rest of us knowing these things about them.

Paul Burgess | 06/01/2006 - 12:32 PM
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