Pomegranate Juice

Here's a comment I put up at Knighton's:

" I keep meaning to write a post about cancer. Yet I keep not writing it.

The backstory: I'm from East Tennessee. Its not "if" you get cancer, its "when" and "what kind" and "Vandy". I know more first-hand random cancer stuff than any human has any business knowing.

For what its worth, during the last year I've been hearing extraordinary things about Pomegrante juice. Apparently, studies are proving (repeatedly in studies easily duplicated) that cancer cells will not grow if you drink one ounce of concentrated Pomegranate juice (so that 1 ounce equals 15 pomegranates) at the same time each day. No side-effects.

It won't decrease the number of cells, but it won't let them increase either. Obviously most effective when used in conjunction with something that will kill the cells.

You can get it at SamsClub in the section over near the pharmacy. Its about $16 per 32ounce bottle. Can't hurt. Might help. "


Thanks for dropping by, and for your kind wishes. Much appreciated!

knighton | 07/13/2006 - 11:29 PM

Tell me about the natural personal items again. What is the brand name???

Leni | 07/13/2006 - 11:58 PM

Natracare. I swear I don't own stock :) If you go for the pads, go straight to the nighttime (which is really like Kotex long) because their "regular" is just like panty-liners. There doesn't seem to be a happy in-between. Although I'm wildly happy about the fact I don't have sypmtoms similiar to asbestos poisoning. They have a rather informative website.

Lucy | 07/14/2006 - 08:52 AM

Thank you! I thought of you for a solid WEEK last month. Ugh. I was miserable.

Leni | 07/14/2006 - 02:08 PM
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