Do NOT Read While Drinking

If you are drinking, stop right now. I will NOT be responsible for you spitting on your monitor. You have been warned.

It would seem that I have hit the jackpot! That post on statistics (which I don't actually trust but which my techie-husband swears by) has yielded an unexpected treat! Two lurkers have commented. Now, they never ever have to comment again although they are very certainly extra-welcome here. The important thing is that they've sent up a flare to let me know where they are. A blessing!

Some days I wish there were more somethings new to read that I don't have to search and search for. I'm lazy that way. I want my treats, and I want them on a silver platter right then that minute. So, new bloggy-goodness delivered to my screen is wonderful! Oh yes, there is definitely lots of bloggy-goodness.

Kathi has a beautiful set of blogs. The one she chose to let us see is A Day In The Life. All pretty, and even interesting! VERY interesting. Some people blog about getting a new puppy, but she can blog about getting two children! And they're nice too, and her husband looks nice. Everyone looks nice. But not dull or boring. She's a great writer! I could almost feel her desperation when she quit smoking and I don't even smoke! And how can you not love a blogger that used a picture of her kitty-cat doing a handstand for her portrait!?! I think its a keeper.

Suzanne has got the best blog title ever, well, at least since Testosterhome! Blessed Among Men. Can you guess she's got boys? Lots of boys? Five. Plus a husband. You've just got to go take a look. She's got photo's up right now and the second one down shows all five boys. Wrinkle free. With good hair. And wonderful eeriely similiar smiles. But envision what the small boys wanted her to do. She wrote in a post to her husband on his birthday : "The boys wanted to get you a chainsaw, but I got you dress-shoes. I hope you're not disappointed" LOL! It almost ALMOST-BUT-NOT-EXACTLY made me think five might be good. This one looks like a keeper too.

Yes, I know I'm being all pscho-careful about adding people to my links. Its not them, its me. Decisions like this fall under the waiting-period for spontaneous activity. Which my husband implimented after an unfortunate haircut that left him speechless. So, unless they turn out to be hostile and/or crazy in the next 14 days, looks like we'll be getting new and exciting links! Yay!


Awwww. You are too sweet. My blogs are nothing special. In fact I haven't updated most of them since September. This is partially because my life has been in shambles since then and partially because I find it hard to find things I think people will find interesting.

You certainly gained a loyal reader. I would like tp post a special thanks to Leni because that was how I found you.

Kathi | 10/24/2006 - 02:07 PM

Oh, my pleasure! I'm off to explore more blogs....well, not quite yet, but sometime today!

Leni | 10/24/2006 - 02:57 PM

Thank you, Lucy, for your kind words. I hope, also, that I don't go crazy in the next 14 days!!

Suzanne Temple | 10/24/2006 - 06:43 PM
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