Its That Time

My husband said last week, with a completely straight face, "There's plenty of time before Christmas!" He said this in protest to my somewhat shrill demands for his office list. And he was wrong. Very very wrong.

Wake up, people! There's only about eight weeks! Ideally, I'm significantly done by August. Sometimes completely wrapped in October. This year? I'm behind. Four children and an absentee husband will do that for you. HOWEVER, football teams come from behind to win the game all the time.

This? This is my half-time speech! We can still do it! Its not too late! Work smarter not harder! Organization is your friend! Delegate delegate delegate! Remember the Alamo! (Except for the part where everyone at the Alamo died a horrid death)

Here's some tips:

Kmart is open Thanksgiving Day. What else do you have to do at 4:00am? Their ads are already leaked to my favorite Black Friday site.

Christian Book Distributor has really good Christmas CD's. For a $1. They used to have 25-for-$25 but this year they did away with that. Still, if you go to CD's and then click on the Christmas filter in the left side-bar and then resort by "ascending price" then the cheap but lovely CD's will come up first in the list. I'm not kidding. Some of them I would have paid "retail" for. They're almost cheaper than cards!

Toys-R-Us website was designed by slackers. Don't tell them. There are ... loopholes. Supposedly they don't sell gift-cards on-line. But, they do sell corporate gift card packages. Where they let you pick the number and amount you want. And, yes, you can pick "only 1 card" for "$10" and in spite of the note that tells you there's a minimum order of $250. This is a perfect case of the designer not communicating with the designer. And we all benefit. [Special thanks to my husband for teaching me that most computer programs have flaws if you bother to look for them. That might be a post later, on his general and specific brilliance]

Best Deal Magazines. Lots of "real" magazines for "free" plus a $4.69 handling fee. Go over today and sign up for their email. Around most holidays, even minor ones, they'll send you an e-coupon for 20% off. And once a week you'll get an email detailing that weeks "deal of the day" which is often a real deal.

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