Paparatzzi Hell

Have you ever wondered if there would come a time when you would be punished for all those times you made fun of those poor saps on reality televison shows? I didn't. I went merrily on my way with no thought for the morrow. La-la-la-doo-duh-doo ... *sigh* ... the good ol'days of glorious privacy.

It all started when my husband picked out the new cameras for the kids. We got them each one gift for Christmas, a digital camera. This way they have fun, learn about technology, develop a skill, and we get at least a few really good pictures. Eventually.

That was the plan. And it was working a little until we were iced-in and my husband chose THAT moment to tell the boys that the cameras also ... (wait for it) ... take video-clips. They immediately set about taking lots of small movies. Mostly of ME in various states of displeasure (cleverly masked by hysterical laughing) and questionable clothing. See, in the past I haven't had to DRESS to leave my bedroom. Now, I really ought to "dress" before I leave my bed. Finally, on threat of seizing the cameras, they have accepted the rule of "No videoing anyone who is not dressed enough to go to the post-office". ALthough, Lee's idea of what I could technically wear to the post-office is shocking!

So far this morning, while wearing my bath robe, I've been the star of a brilliant documentary called "Mother Makes Hot Chocolate" and "The Sequel: Mother Makes Toast"

I have yet to find a way to keep them from leaping around corners and through doorways while shrieking "surprise" which is only slightly better than when they try to slip up on you to video unawares. Some of them are pretty good at that. If you haven't guessed, I'm a bundle of nerves.

Its like living with three crazed paparatzzi, hopped up on sugar and high on life-with-a-video-camera.


Funny! At least from where I am...:-)

Julie | 01/17/2007 - 05:44 AM

Oh, you poor thing! LOL! That would drive me up a wall!

So, what else is going on in your life? Would you have us believe that nothing of interest has been going on while you've been silent? I don't buy that.

Leni | 01/17/2007 - 03:18 PM

And just where will those photos show up?? Last night my son took a short video of me cooking on his cell phone and then emailed it to "lots of people"!

Lucy, I missed you and am glad you're back.

Earth Girl | 01/18/2007 - 07:18 PM
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