Sam Laughs Out-Loud

(Here's a quickie because there's no point in having a blog if I don't post. Regular posting will commence on Monday. Or not.)

Samantha called me, already laughing, yesterday. Which was nice. The following might be how the conversation went:

(Oh, and let me preface it with ... I do NOT believe in the accuracy of horoscopes and astrology. I consider the possibility that the impact of the moon on earth-gravity might vaguely subtlely influence personality developement during the third trimester. Consider how weird it is that the moon impacts the tides, and that there's a definite spike in delivery rates during full-moons which might suggest that the moon/gravity can affect hormones.)

Samantha: (giggle, giggle) I'm watching something about the Rolling Stones.
Lucy: Ok. They don't strike me as all that funny.

Samantha: Oh, they aren't really. It just started me thinking. Aren't they a pair? Remind you of anyone?
Lucy: Who exactly?

Samantha: You know, Keith RIchards and Mick Jagger.
Lucy: Um, No?

Sam: Sure they do
Lucy: nope

Sam: Think about it. Really think about it for a minute. They make each other totally crazy, but they're a great team. Taking on the world back to back.
Lucy: Could be lots of people? Who am I supposed to be thinking of?

Sam: Ummmm ... Here, think like this. One's a Sagetarrius and the other is a Leo [yes, I know I mispelled that, and it might be the wrong signs, I wasn't really paying attention] What OTHER Sagetarrius and Leo combo do you know?
Lucy: (Firmly) I have NO idea at all where you're going with this.

Sam: Bwahahahahahaha. (I think she may have laughed until she cried) Seriously, strip it down to basics: typical base-player and typical front-man. Get it now?
Lucy: Oh! You CAN'T be serious!?

Yes, I finally got it. It would have been faster if I had actually known my children's signs. As Sam has so kindly pointed out, while laughing uncontrollably, my boys have the same signs-combo as the base-player and front-man for the Rolling Stones. And, yes, they are indeed the stereotypes for a base-player and front-man. And, yes, they are a great team, except when they drive each other crazy.

I've got to laughing a little, too. Think about what Keith and Mick might have been like as little boys. Which leads me to think about what my boys might be like in forty years. Thank goodness I started the anti-drugs-and-drinking-and-smoking campaign when they were toddlers!


Heehee. Good move on the anti-drug campaign.

Leni | 09/12/2008 - 08:47 PM

Super jazzed about gteting that know-how.

Betti | 12/21/2012 - 05:29 PM

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wcclhxsscb | 01/13/2013 - 01:28 AM
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