More Thanksgiving Thoughts

If you have guests that want to eat leftovers for two days, then instead of cooking lunch and dinner for 12, your're really cooking one feast for 48. Which justifies needing 28 sticks of butter!

Menu under control. Shopping lists organized by store. Recipes printed in a folder for stream-lining the cooking experience. I think of cooking for a holiday as a sport, sometimes even an olympic-like sport. Training and prep-work make all the difference between the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat!!

I think I need a giant white-board on the wall of my home-office. Think of the command-center possibilities!

I'm still working on The Plan for Table Decorations, The Plan for Guests Wanting Breaskfast , and I desperately need ideas for a soundtrack.

I have a GREAT idea for place-card-holders! I'm going to take really cheap wooden picture frames, spray them black, use white cardstock mats with black-n-white phots taken the day before. I'll print the date on the mat and have all the other people write something nice on the mat about the person in the picture! Maybe I'll double-mat it with a narrow vivid orange border to match the table runner. This will make me happy.

OH! Did I mention that the guests insist on thinking it will be fun and helpful to assist me in cooking that day? Fun. Helpful. HAHAHAHAHHA! This leads to The Plan To Cook As Much As Possible The Day Before And Secretly In The Middle Of The Night. Hence forth known as TPTCAMAPTDBASITMOTN.


You exhaust me! Can I come too? I promise I won't help, but I will sit in a corner sipping coffee and chatting. What do you think? You could add 6 more to the menu, right?

Leni | 10/03/2008 - 01:01 PM
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