Even MORE Thanksgiving Thoughts

Today I am editing the shoppings lists further by breaking them down into "perishable" and "non-perishable". That way, I can shop a little at a time on sale without having the mind-boggleling "three full carts" trip the week of Thanksgiving. Then, next Monday after my parents go home, I'm going to set up a staging area for accumulating non-perishables. Tomorrow, I might make the list of which food goes in which pot, and onto what serving dish. And then I need to finalize the cooking schedule.

If I have time ( energy) I'd liike to fit in a list/diagram for garnishing. Photo-copies would be helpful.

And YES, Leni, you could SO come! My kitchen was actually set up so that the kitchen and the dining room are open into each other. Then we switched the dining room and the living room. The up-shot being that there's a couch and comfy-chairs practically in my kitchen! Besides, the menu allows for a high degree of flexibility with guest numbers. Which is good because ...

I've noticed several other relatives getting ... twitchy ... about us having a holiday with some of the family but not with others. Dollars to do-nuts, I'll see extra relatives that day! Interesting.


I would so be there, if I didn't have to host my own bowl of Fruit and Nuts! Gosh that sounds so lovely, just to sit and visit with you.

Leni | 10/14/2008 - 01:23 PM
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