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I thought of you last Sunday. Ok, well, a week ago Sunday. But the point being, there I was sitting in church and we were doing The Lord's Supper. And since we're Southern Baptist, that means grape-juice. It was the first time we had done it at this particular church. I was feeling a little hesitant when I took the little cup. First the cracker, then the juice. It was GREAT juice. What a relief. Sometimes people try to use the cheap juice, which is just ... wrong. If this represents Christ, then shouldn't we use good juice? But some people don't. I'm sure they're trying to be good steward and save the church some money. Still. I'm a firm supporter of buying "good" juice!

So there we were, and after drinking the juice, I was so relieved that I leaned over to my husband to whisper to him "I love them for buying the good jucie." He just looked me for a moment, squeezed my hand, and smiled to himself. I asked why he was smiling. I had to ask twice. He whispered "You just think different." Which made me think of King-of-Fools because several years ago he told me I was a really outside the box thinker. (My husband is still laughing over that one!) Eventually we agreed that I can be a very much an in-the-box-thinker, its just that my box is far far far away from his box!

Sunday it occurred to me that KoF and my husband probably have boxes pretty close together.


I would agree with that assessment!

King of Fools | 10/03/2008 - 06:35 PM
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