Vitamin-B Is Your Friend

I've noticed that I don't handle stress amazingly well if I'm low on vitamin-B. Something to do with seratonin. My body doesn't process vitamin-B particularly effectively anyway. Yes, I take a good multi-vitamin. But sometimes ...

I just get the feeling I could be doing more. A few weeks ago I noticed a sublingal-vitamin-B at the store. Hmmmm. A liquid form that absorbs under the tongue. Interesting. Maybe that would help my boby get more out of a vitamin-B supplement, if it were a liquid. So I bought some.

I tried it. I couldn't blink. I could make the crazy chattering squirrel sound while deciding which project to accomplish next, but ... WOW! I got a lot done. I called a friend. She listened soothingly, then asked exactly what I had taken. She suggested that next time I might want to try HALF a dose. My husband? He thought it was great I had accomplished VAST amounts of stuff. And then he suggested that next time I might want to take half a dose and never take it after noon, and not more than once a week or maybe once a month.

Odd thing? It effects me differently each time I take it!

For example, I had some crazy stress last week. I'm an emotional eater which is why I'm the size of a cottage. I used to be the size of a barn, but I've lost a little weight. Anyway, I REALLY wanted to go off my diet and eat carbs like there was no tomorrow. I realized I hadn't had my daily vitamin, so I took some of the Liquid-B instead. Ten minutes later, I was totally calm. Not stressed, no desire to eat anything. Scary. Not the "calm" part, but scary wondering how low my seratonin had to be for the sublingal-B to bring it back to normal instead of shooting it through the roof. Interesting.

So interesting that I went and read EXACTLY what was in that vitamin. I mean, I knew it would be bunches of vitamin-B. Maybe even a few hundred times the RDA (reccommended daily allowance) which is not unusual for vitamins in supplement due to the delivery binder in the vitamin? Can you guess how much vitamin-B I took? (And this is why I never take a vitamin I could over-dose on) TWENTY THOUSAND PERCENT of the RDA. I would have just written 20,000 but I can't make that look as impressive as all-caps-letters. That is a LOT of vitamin-B!

This is probably how Pop-eye felt when he first discovered spinach!


*making a note to get some sublingual B*

Leni | 10/14/2008 - 01:09 PM
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