The Most Romantic Thing

The most romantic thing my husband said to me this week was "What do you know about hyper-inflation?"

This morning, trying to go back to sleep, I was jerked wide-awake with THAT one. Vague images of lines for bread in some cold slavic country drifted through my mind.

He continued with a concise lecture referencing Venezula in the 1970's, and a clear summary of the counter-intuitive financial steps involved in weathering that kind of a situation.

I looked at him and blinked. Probably more than once. Finally, I found the words I was looking for: "Are we expecting this before Spring?" (I have some landscaping plans for the Spring that would be impacted).

He assured me it probably wouldn't happen, but if it were going to it might be around 2017. For reasons involing medicare, social security, national debt, and baby-boomers retiring.

Why was this romantic? Because of his reasoning. First, he knows that kind of thing fascinates me. Economics is interesting. Second, I adore the book "Worst Case Scenario". When that book came out, several people bought it for me. Hyper-inflation is definitely a worse-case-scenario type thing. Third, men in his family have a history of dieing young. He thinks about that sometimes. You know, the whole "what if I'm not here to take care of her" thing. He really puts some thought and effort into keeping me safe-n-happy now, and later.

All those things make me feel loved. And feeling loved is really romantic.

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