February 24, 2004
Love Makes For Weird Menus

I grew up on a farm, although my father worked in a lab. My parents lived on one end of the farm, while my father’s parents lived on the other end. This was perfection in many ways. But, the best thing was that my brother and I got to spend a seemingly infinite amount of time with our grandparents. They thought we were perfect, in spite of daily evidence to the contrary.

Today I’m particularly thinking about my grandmother’s cooking. I have a friend who just needs a casserole tonight, or maybe tomorrow night. I don’t think she’s ever been the victim of a drive-by-cassseroling. That’s where you know someone with stress, so you drop off dinner. It’s always good to dump and run as quickly as possible so that you don’t add to their stress with an unexpected visitor. I like to put the food in completely disposable containers in a completely disposable box with a note. I leave it on the doorstep, ring the bell, and leave immediately. Its important to take something that will keep until the next day in case they already have dinner plans. It’s nice to add disposable cups/plates/forks to minimize cleanup. If you want to rise above the standard, add a CD of appropriate music. I just love sending stuff for nachos with a CD of Mexican Mariachi music.

That prompted me to think about menus. Some families have very set menus for different occasions, and some families don’t. My husband’s family has whatever his mother feels like cooking. I find that odd. Very odd. Obviously, I was raised in a family that believes in tradition and continuity while he was raised by wolves.

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Purple Flashback

There I was, minding my own business (almost) at DishpanDribble. Suddenly, in the middle of a post about counting your blessing in which AnnaLise wears the rust-colored sweater which she hates, I am thrown full force back into the seventies. Floating in front of my eyes is The Purple Coat.

The Purple Coat was heavy neon purple wool, with a fake fur black/white leopard print collar. Looking back, I can acknowledge that it was a classic and fashionable coat, if you were eighty. But I was in fourth grade. I didn’t WANT a classic and fashionable coat. I wanted an inconspicuous coat. The Purple Coat was definitely not inconspicuous.

There was no arguing with my mother, about that or anything. I simply wore what she wanted me to wear, much like convicts wear whatever the warden provides. But, she wasn’t there at recess. She couldn’t follow me every minute of every day (at least during the school year). And I had accomplices.

February 18, 2004
Toothpaste Trouble

I have two sons. Ron is 6 years old. Lee is 4 years old. Recently both visited the dentist. They are now fascinated by all things dental. Lee asked to be excused early from the dinner table so he could get right to work cleaning his teeth. I thought this was a good idea since that would free up the bathroom later when Ron was ready to obsess about his teeth.

Lee was gone a few minutes. Suddenly, he BURSTS into the dining-room denouncing our brand of toothpaste, swearing NEVER to use it again. He was practically incoherent, what with all the spitting and tongue-wiping. I tried to explain that its impossible for toothpaste to go bad in just a few days. He was having none of that. Nothing would do but that I acknowledge the horridness of our toothpaste.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Ron looking entirely too interested. His father also started looking at him. Suddenly, guilt broke him. Ron confessed that he had been experimenting with the toothpaste, trying to improve it. He had noticed that the hole where toothpaste squirts out and the nozzle on the antibacterial-soap dispenser were about the same size. HE ADDED SOAP TO THE TOOTHPASTE TUBE!

Poor Lee. expecting minty-freshness on his new dinosaur toothbrush, only to get a mouth full of yellow antibacterial-Dial.

Poor Ron, facing the wrath of a 4-yr old with a mouth full of soap. I think its safe to say that Ron will remember Lee screaming “DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN” for the rest of his life. Personally, I have discovered that there are no fonts capable of capturing the tone of a livid 4-yr old with a mouth full of soap.

February 15, 2004
Not THAT Kind of Movie!

Once upon a time I lived next door to a very pleasant couple name Henry and Erica. Henry was a policeman, generally an all –around nice fellow. For example, when I was pregnant I neglected my flowerbeds outrageously. I thought they were done for, but they seemed to thrive on my neglect. As it turns out, Henry knew I was sick so he moved his sprinkler system to cover my flower beds, which were along the edge of his yard. He never mentioned it, just did it and went about his day.

Our driveways were close together. One Valentine’s Day Henry pulled into his driveway at the same time I drove into ours. We chatted for a few minutes. He asked about my plans for the holiday. I was SO excited since it was the first ValentinesDay since we had the baby! I just laughed with the joy of being alive as I told him my plans: we were hiring a babysitter to watch the baby upstairs while we went downstairs to the den to eat dinner and watch adult movies. Henry’s eye widened a bit and he looked a little odd, but I just thought perhaps he needed to take a Tums. He quickly went into their house and I went into ours.

February 13, 2004
Best Best Valentines Day Ever

About three years after we were married, my husband sent flowers to me at work. Delivered by a barber-shoppe quartet that serenaded me during lunch. Of course I cried. It was SO sweet. And obviously required advance thought and planning. Lots of other women cried too. Some of those women actually called their husbands so they could “cry” too. The other husbands weren’t crying over how romantic it was, they were crying because they knew the standard had been forever raised.

That’s my husband, raising the standard and ruining it for everyone else! Just wait until you hear how he proposed. But, that’s a story for another day!

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Best Worst Valentines Day Ever

In college, my best friend (who was also my room-mate) and I happened to be single and not even remotely attached on Valentines Day. Things in the dorm were ramping up to near hysteria with arrivals of flowers and packages while girls were getting ready to go out for the evening. After some little thought, we decided that we didn’t really need guys to have a good holiday. We came up with a plan: going to dinner and a movie (a chick flick). At least it would get us out of the dorm and away from the aggressively love-struck co-eds.

So, off we went. Dinner somewhere with a fork and waiter. So far, so good. Except that soon the restaurant filled with couples and the waiters turned down the lights and turned up the romantic music. We did happen to notice that cooing-couples seemed to be getting significantly better service than we were. At that point we still had a sense of humor, looking forward to the movie.

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One of the nicest things about the Internet is the ability to reach vast amounts of people (or at least three) instantly (or at least as often as they check their email). I find it fascinating that I can read things written today by people in Michigan and Canada and Oregon. Still, as entertaining as that may be, what good is all this inter-connectedness if no action comes from it? So, I have decided to be bold and actually DO something. Yes, I’m going to pray. Sometimes I’ll pray about troubling things and sometimes I’ll pray about inspiring things. But, all the time I’ll be full of joy (and awe) that God is actually listening. Think about that. God is LISTENING to you! Isn’t that exciting?

After giving it some thought, I’ve decided to put a “Prayer Request” line in the sidebar. Anytime you’d like me to pray for you (or yours) just click on “Prayer Request”. Who knows? I may be praying for you already.

February 11, 2004
About Lucy

Would it be relevant to say that I have long brown hair, or short blonde hair? Or that I weigh 152 lbs. or 251 lbs.? Or even that I have a husband and children or that I’m single and getting lots of sleep (which is the opposite of having children, thereby indicating I surely have children or I wouldn’t know that, now would I)? That I’m a student, or perhaps a teacher? Is it about music or reading-lists? Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend? What is it, that one thing summing up who “Lucy” is?

Dress Code

Everyone is welcome here. However, people that want to play in the waves are prohibited from wearing gloomy depressing colors. It is suggested that those people sit quietly on the beach.

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Accidental Cat

Some decisions are made in a blaze of resoluteness, after careful consideration and much discussion. Others are made merely by yielding to the inevitable. We used to not have a cat, now we do. I was not won over by its cute furriness, although it is an exceptionally attractive cat according to other family members. I was not won over by the obvious intelligence/shrewdness the cat displays daily. I was definitely not won over by the dead prey Cat began leaving on our doorstep. Yeah, yeah. I know its supposed to be a sign of cat-respect or cat-affection or whatever. But, the upshot is that there are still dead carcasses sprinkling my doorstep and deck which is in no way desirable. Well, it might be desirable if it were a burglar carcass. I’d be very impressed and appreciative if Cat killed a burglar and dragged him to the doorstep.

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Cows Like Key Lime Pie

Every February I think about the first time I encountered Key Lime Pie. In college I dated a boy from Florida. He was a little home-sick, missing the sunny weather in Florida and the great pie his mom usually made for his birthday. I turn into a girlfriend with a mission. I get the recipe from his mother in Florida, which is no small thing. Somehow I manage to find Key Limes in Tennessee, which is no small thing. I arrange for my mother (who is a phenomenally good cook) to spend the day with me working on this pie, which is a huge thing. We make two. That way we can cut one, testing it without marring the one that is to be presented to the ever-so-deserving boyfriend. The pies look wonderful when they come out of the oven. They smell wonderful. They taste horrendous!

Thank You

I'd like to thank Allison for starting it all by taking me to DeansWorld, which I find absolutely enthralling. I'd like to thank AdmiralQuixote for taking care of the details so I don't have to. MrsQuixote is a very lucky woman. I'd like to thank KingOfFools for giving me a spectacular site design in spite of myself. It is exactly what I wanted, I just didn't know it yet!

Welcome to My Island

There are so many brilliant thought-provoking bloggers. Everywhere you look there are more and more. Some use cutting-edge humor, like ChrisMuir. Some use intense discussion and debate, like DeansWorld. Some use lengthy lecture, like USSClueless. All of them manage to lure the reader into thinking about the topic in new and provoking ways.

But, don’t you ever need a break from new and provoking ideas? Perhaps a mini-vacation somewhere soothing? Where can you go? It seems that everywhere you turn, people are striving to be aggressively fascinating. Except here. There will be no aggressiveness here, no intense arguing, no whining, no spittle&foaming. Those have their place, but its not here. Just a simple post or two each day. Sometimes it may be a favorite memory, or a review of something charming, or an image I find attractive, or sketches of the small towns and people in my life. Whatever the topic, it will be something that makes me smile and relax. I hope you’ll smile and relax too. We can all use a little more of that. Welcome to my island.

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