April 14, 2009
Colorado, Part Two

Another funny thing that happened in what shall hence-forth be referred to as "The Colorado Adventure" (and I couldn't tell anyone until the contract was signed) .

We were in Colorado house-hunting (which is a whole other bizarre story involving people who think its ok to gravel their yard and then spray paint it green, like THAT'S a good solution) ...

Days passed. Dreary overcast days full of gravel and tumbleweed. I started to wonder if we had really made the right decision. And we did have a choice. Even in this economy there was a bidding war for my husband. Sometimes I forget what he is. True, Anchorage offered "more" but he chose Colorado because they offered "better" (and he has a brother there). The management there is impressively creatively brilliant. (And he does SO love outside the box thinking, see below) Still, I started second-guessing the choice, even if it was just in my own head.

I flipped on the computer to go over the real-estate listing yet again, hoping the perfect house had listed that morning. Or that maybe I had just missed something before. THAT'S WHEN I SAW IT! Even as I sat there thinking that maybe Colorado was not the right choice, I saw the headlines about the VOLCANO ERUPTING AT ANCHORAGE! Talk about timing! Suddenly, I felt absolutely GIDDY to be sitting in a hotel in Colorado looking at houses with crazy yards! (And we evenutually ended up with a house with an absolutely lovely yard :)


We are moving to Colorado.

More importantly, we feel that GOD is moving us to Colorado.

Lots of words I could use up, most of which would be ill-advised on a public site. Here's the funny moment I most remember from the whole ugly episode ...

Wondering if we should move or stay or move or stay or move. Wondering. Wondering. Wondering. Finally, in a fit of passion, deciding to flip open my Bible, read a verse, let God deal with it, and just finally go to bed! (I don't sleep well when my husband is out of town)

The verse? I couldn't have found it if I had tried! In Jeremiah ... "HARK! They flee and escape Babylon to Zion, leaving the wrath of the Lord in their wake" I laughed so hard I cried!

Seriously? I still smile every time I think about it. God has a truly delicious sense of humor, and a profound knowledge of me. I especially loved "hark" with the exclamation point :)

Although, I'm moderately concerned about my own inability to separate an appreciation for justice and a taste for revenge. I find its hard for me to pray for mercy on those people. What if God gives it to them!?!