June 25, 2009
Colorado, Part Three

Colorado is roughly 1200 miles from family. After spending three weeks on the road visiting family all over the south-eastern United States, I don't know exactly why I find that so appealing.

And, yet after TWO family reunions and an episode involving a five-foot water-moccassin and a hot-tub, I find myself ... lighter ... when I think about finishing the move to Colorado. We'll be here in the MIdwest another ten days, but then we're going someplace ... happy. Where there are bunnies on the excessively-watered lawn and really good local lotions that will help me not wrinkle.

Plus, I got to see Sam. My husband, who is fabulous, called her where she was hiding out (avoiding the afore-mentioned family reunion) and arranged for her to surprise me at an outlet-mall on the trip home! It was the coolest thing ever! I miss her. She immediately dragged me into the dressing-room and demonstrated the cut that would "fix" my hair. *sigh* I just LOVE her! And, yes, it would SO fix my hair. She called a few minutes ago, from a Walgreens in TN to tell me that she just bought hair-dye and a magazine with a picture of the cut I needed. She'll be here in less than 48 hours. Sam refuses to let me move to the Hinterlands with bad hair :)

Did you know that Prell Original (the green slime shampoo) will totally strip artificial coloring from hair without damaging it? Just one of those little things ya' might need to know someday.

Regular blogging will commence shortly after my arrival in Colorado :)