Liberal Tree-Hugging Hippy Nature Freak

Ok, class. Everyone who thinks Lucy is a liberal tree-hugging hippy nature freak raise your hand! (Lol, sometimes I crack myself up. Of course, it might be the mommy-sleep-dep)

I mentioned to my husband last night as we were drifting off to sleep that I suspected someone might be thinking I was a liberal tree-hugging hippy nature freak. He laughed really hard, and then said "Well, I can certainly see WHY they'd think that." "What! Give me examples!" "Ok, you don't like vaccines, and there's natracare, and you homeschool, and ..."

He might as well have blurted out "You're one step away from calico and head-coverings!" Not that I have anything against calico. In a quilt. But it has no business in a dress. Unless you're square dancing. I'm just saying.

Anyway, blogs can be misleading. VERY very misleading. So. Here's some stuff about Lucy.

(1) I like good perfume. I've been known to wear red lipstick if the occassion called for it. I think that fingernail polish and toenail polish should be in the same color family. Do not mix red and pink if you're older than six. Its tacky.

(2) Sure, I occassionaly wear wildly outrageous prints and shocking colors. Lee likes them a lot. He thinks I look particularly beautiful in vivid hawaiian print. I don't mind humoring him. I'll have plenty of time to wear DonnaKaren and RalphLauren later, when he's grown up.

(3) Its wrong to say I don't like vaccines. Thats like saying I don't like people. Vaccines are different just like people are different. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are irrelevant. Smallpox is good. Tetnus is good. MMR is bad (my sister-in-law's uncle was on the design team for that one. He won't give it to his kids. He's APPALLED anyone would give it to their kids. It was designed for military use on adults in an emergency situation) Dtap is bad for us, because two of my children have had bad reactions to it. Chicken Pox is irrelevant. Polo vaccine doesn't work (see data that compares data from other industrialized countries like Japan and Sweden).

(4) Tradtional medicine. Natural medicine. What ever works best. God gave us nature, and he gave us the brains to develop it into traditional medicine. I just like to be sure that my tradional doctor has a brain :) I'm suspicious of any doctor that dismisses natural medicine. Where do they think aspirin and taxol come from?

(5) Natracare rocks! Organic "kotex" pads that use 100% cotton to bypasses the molecular similarites with absestos in the absorbant stuff in pads and also eliminates the physical similarities between menstrual symptoms and asbestos poisoning. Coincidence? When I changed, practically at gunpoint because Sam "made" me, I went from having two completely dysfunctional days and 3 bad days to having maybe a bad 1/2 day. No more leg pain at all. No more abdominal pain at all. HALLELUJAH! See, its all about results!

(6) Ok, I do go for organic milk. It tastes better. So does the butter. And the cream. Plus, I like to keep the girls away from the dairy growth hormone since our family has a high risk of breast cancer. And if you believe that bovine growth hormone doesn't get into the milk, you've never breast fed after eating chinese food.

(7) I'm from near Oak Ridge, the cancer capital of the world. I've seen bad things (not to mention radioactive frogs and deer). I'm willing to drink a little pomegranate concentrate while waiting on the big studies to confirm the little studies in about 7 years. Worst case, I've gotten some extra fruit-juice into my diet.

(8) My next vehicle is going to be a SUV. Or some other big thing. With really bad gas mileage. I don't think that means I'm going to Hell.

(9) I eat meat and wear leather. I'd wear fur except that it has a lot of upkeep that would be near impossible with small children. Can you imagine trying to get spit-up out of fur? Plus, I don't live in Alaska. Here, I'd sweat to death.

(10) I have pets. Outside. If they died, I'd be sad. VERY sad. But they are not the equvilent of children. They are NOT grandchildren. They are pets. Nice pets. Great pets. But, still, pets. I'd eat them in an emergency.

(11) Do NOT send me hate mail about #10. I will promptly label you a liberal tree-hugging hippy nature freak.

(12) I hate hunting. Its not that I'm against killing nature, I just can't imagine sitting in a tree stand in the middle of the night (early morning) in the dark covered in deer urine. And thinking I was having a good time. Besides, aren't you a little creeped out by taxidermy?

(13) I home-school because its better than the local public schools. I have three college degrees and I know how to use them. Plus, you just can't beat a 3:1 student-teacher ratio. This does not necessarily mean I believe that public schools are evil.

(14) I'm a conservative. I believe in personal responsibility. I believe it is my responsibility to help people. I believe that "helping" people doesn't mean giving them a hand-out forever.

(15) I do believe that owls are important, but not more important than people. I do NOT have a Disney-view of wild-life. Animals can and will naturally kill you.

(16) I think homosexuals are sinners. But so is everyone else. Including smokers. My brother is a smoker. I love him anyway :) By the way, thats a GREAT line to use when confronted by a cranky drag-queen. When he stalks up to your office-cube and demands "You disapprove of this, don't you?" just look up at him and smile sweetly while saying "My brother is a smoker." He will look at you blankly. Then sigh and rub his eyes before saying resignedly "Ok. I'm ready. " And then you can cheerfully launch into the whole well-thought out analogy. Crush that last bit of confrontational hostiliy by offering him a home-made chocolate-chip-cookie. Later, when asked about his run-in with the conservative christian he'll smile and mutter "she makes really good cookies".

(17) I make REALLY good cookies.

(18) I just feel like reiterating, I do NOT wear calico. I don't have anything against those that do, but its just not me. Definitely NOT me. Nope. No calico in this house at all.


Have you read Rod Dreher's book, Crunchy Cons?

Crunchy cons, granola conservatives, or as we might call them, conservative tree-hugging hippy nature freaks.

Reading Dreher has almost convinced me to go out and get a pair of Birkenstocks. Inveterate Republican that I am. :-)

Paul Burgess | 09/05/2006 - 01:02 PM

If you start wearing knee-socks with Birkenstocks ... nothing good will come of it. (that last part uttered in the Voice Of Doom :)

Lucy | 09/05/2006 - 05:38 PM

"(8) My next vehicle is going to be a SUV. Or some other big thing. With really bad gas mileage. I don't think that means I'm going to Hell."

ROFLOL!!! This is seriously my all-time favorite post of yours!

And I did read your reply about c-section/docs. thank you

Danielle | 09/11/2006 - 01:28 AM
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