The Difference Between Baptist And Presbyterians And/Or Methodists

I read a post by Paul last week, about his bandwidth thieves. I don't understand EXACTLY how it works, but apparently hordes from have been linking to a particularly attractive picture of his aqua jeep.

Paul, being the sweetie that he is, did NOT change the image they would see upon clicking through to an attrociously scandleous picture. He just moved his picture so that when they click through they will get ... nothing.

My husband remarked that right there is the difference ;)

A good Baptist would have substituted a brief summary of the Roman Road (those verses in Romans that lead the way to Christ) or at LEAST have put up a sign: God loves you, even if you're a bandwidth thief!

I suppose this is just another example of where Paul is laid back and I'm a touch ... agressive. (And getting all the more aggressive every time I think about contractors, but thats another story. If I have to actually have a biblical intervention with the church body as witness, then THAT will be a story that you'll probably see on the news. A story that will undoubtably point out that I am most DEFINITELY a Baptist.)


Yeah, I'd thought of substituting for the jeep a picture which would literally make you lose your lunch. A picture I've stumbled across twice on sites which had been defaced by hackers, and it ruined my appetite for the rest of the day. A picture which is fairly well notorious in cyberspace, if I mentioned its name (yes, it has a name) you might even recognize it.

But then some random pilgrim might see the name, and be tempted to Google in search of it... and lose their lunch.

Like you say, I'm a nice guy. And as of yesterday, nobody in MySpace has managed to reconnect to any of my pictures.

Maybe I should've provided in place of the jeep a picture of the Five Calvinist Laws. (Which somehow I can't find anywhere online.) You know, the little pamphlet which opens with a picture of a stick figure tied to the railroad tracks, with an onrushing locomotive: "Law 1: God has a plan for your life, and there's nothing you can do about it..." Predestinated reprobates! Stealing my bandwidth, eh?!

Paul Burgess | 09/13/2006 - 02:35 PM

Odds are I wouldn't recognize the-picture-that-must-not-be-named. I realized long ago I can be willfully clueless with a focus and determination that few possess.

Although I suspect that one of my rather distant cousins has a similiar ability to focus and concentrate when motivated.

He didn't really speak until he was about 5. His parents had him tested by all kinds of specialists. Eventually the guys at Vandy made up a diagnosis. He wasn't autistic in that he COULD interact with his family, he just didn't want too. In other words, he simply decided to will himself to be autistic as a way of distancing himself from the lunatics (which begs the point of how he knew at 2 that his parents were idiots)...

If you think about it, all it really comprises is creating and inserting a mental filter. We all do it automatically, to some degree in response to culture. I bet Paul especially has seen the "don't say that in front of the preacher filter". Or the "don't go naked to Walmart filter". You get the idea.

Although, those are filters about things that come out. I also think its possible to filter things that come in. I can't explain why or how, but I can't explain the wind either. And the wind exists.

Interestingly enough, Sam can tell by talking to me which filters are in place. Subtle changes in personality; manifested in word choice, sentence structure, voice tone, timeing.

Most of those are filters that I slipped in place for the kids. No child should grow up with a sarcastic parent. Clever and mean can be separated by a fine line.

Which leads me to think about this: am I inserting a no-sarcasm-filter over a naturally acidic personality or am I removing a sarcasm-filter created as a way of coping?

So, am I creating filters to protect the children or removing filters normally used for dealing with the world?

Lucy | 09/13/2006 - 05:48 PM

am I inserting a no-sarcasm-filter over a naturally acidic personality or am I removing a sarcasm-filter created as a way of coping?

That's an extremely difficult type of question to get to the bottom of. At least, so I've found it in my own experience.

As I've remarked fairly often over on my blog, I'm pretty sure my efflorescent imagination originated largely in an attempt to cope with an early grade school world filled with bullies and other intolerable forces. At the same time, my imagination is an important part of who I am, and an important part of much of the positive side of my personality.

Take away the bullies, no biographical need for that imagination. Take away that imagination, and I can't begin to think who I would be today.

It's as if I can be who I am only if "I" am a house of mirrors.

Eh, the novelist Walker Percy had some enlightening thoughts along these lines in some of his linguistic essays.

Come to think of it, the thought of the self as a fathomless "house of mirrors" is considerably scarier than any mere lose-your-lunch picture. In a vaguely existentialist way...

Paul Burgess | 09/13/2006 - 09:53 PM
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