Death-march To Disney

I have done the unthinkable. No, I did not sign up to walk from here in the Midwest to Disneyworld in Florida. THAT would have been easier, and probably have taken less time and involved less aggravation.

(Backstory: I found a note from my husband from a few years ago, trying to motivate me, suggesting that my big treat for losing some weight would be a trip to Disneyworld. I LOVE Disneyworld! How can you NOT love a place where they serve your dinner-roll-butter in the shape of little mickey statues!?! And it would be STUNNING to stay at one of the hotels on site! In an ideal world, I'm thinking that Thanksgiving week would be the best, but who knows? Between here-and-now and there-and-then is a huge chasm full of fat. So, how much weight do I need to lose to achieve Nirvana aka Disney, you ask? Well, hang on to your cookie. I need to lose 100 pounds. There. I typed it outloud )

So, we have arrived at the point where I did The Unthinkable. I told the kids that if I lost a hundred pounds, we were going to Disney. (Big pause as you grasp the significance of telling three chidlren ages 5,7,9 that the only thing standing between them and bliss is ... fat)

Yep, fat is now the enemy. We made a chart. We weigh on Thursdays and for each pound lost they get to color in one square. Ron looked at me suspiciously as I explained this and asked "But what will happen if you lose negative pounds?" We have decided that at that point we'll use stickers to move me back and have to re-color the stickers before I can go on to fill in the next square. He's all about anticipating the problems and avoiding them. Which is why he's told me No More Sugar. I think he means for as long as I live.

Which would probably be easier than what Lee suggested glibly while rubbing his hands together. "First you can run around the block a few times, and then push-ups and pull-ups and you have to grunt while you do sit-ups. I can show you how to do jumping-jacks and cart-wheels. Cart-wheel are really good for shaking loose the fat!"

(Big Pause for you to imagine me shaking loose lots of fat by doing cart-wheels!)

I think we'll be learning a lot about nutrition in the next few months. Apparently I have to justify Every. Single. Bite I put in my mouth. Lee is all about being the Excercise Police and Cassie has a way of slipping up on me and looking at me with her eyebrows raised and then looking at my apple and looking at me again that makes her more like the Food Police, and Ron is all about the chart.

All though, he did walk up to me out of the blue today and said "I trust you. I trust ithat you can lose that weight so we can go to Disney. I know you can do it, Mom!" He immediated dashed off, sure he had been supportive enough.

We'll see how this goes, having several small eyes watching your every bite, and several small brains thinking of ways to remind you and motivate you. Its like I have three live-in trainers!

And, thus begins ... the Death-march toward Disney!


Oh dear, and I thought I had it bad. I have a girlfriend that is paying my children $1 each for every pound I lose. One is in charge of food, one of exercise and one of water. But it's not Disney!

I'm on the 100 lb. plan also. Just about to hit 20 lbs.

I have found this site SO useful...

I can't afford the time or money for Weight Watchers, so I use this instead. It let me set up my goals, and I use the meal planner to track all my's been WONDERFUL!

I put on size 22 jeans last weekend and they were LOOSE!!! Last Spring I couldn't get into 24's at all!

You can do it, Luc! (On a side note, ever watch While You Were Sleeping? Every time I say your name, I hear Joe Jr. saying it! My favorite movie...)

Leni | 09/14/2006 - 08:58 PM

Did you just add several more trainers, online trainers that is? I went on South Beach with son last February to help motivate him to lose weight. I lost instead and we changed some eating/cooking habits. Now my other son asks me when I'm going to roast eggplant and red peppers!

You may want to check it out because it reminds me a lot of the "Real Food" diet. Just eat real food, sold around the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid all the food in the aisles (except olive oil). When I heard about the perimeter food plan, I visualized my grocery store's perimeter that begins with the bakery and ends with the liquor section.

earthgirl | 09/14/2006 - 10:46 PM

UPDATE: Ron suggested that I jog in place instead of sitting while I read and do paperwork for school. He even demonstrated how I could lose a few calories by quickly stomping my feet under the table!

Lucy | 09/16/2006 - 03:13 PM

Oh, that is SO helpful!

Look out Disney, here comes Lucy!

Leni | 09/16/2006 - 03:19 PM

Ha Ha Ha!
Okay. I've been out for a while. I have missed you. I'm on the 70 to 80 lbs plan myself. Lost about 15 a couple of years ago, then got pregnant. You know the story from there. I swear whoever said you could lose weight better while nursing was an idiot.
Well, last week after Ethan asked why I was "a little fat," I decided it was time for drastic measures. I will not allow my children to grow up with a fat momma like I did. It was humiliating.

And who knows! Maybe I get to go to Disney at the end of it all too!

Leah | 09/18/2006 - 04:03 PM
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