Missing The Point

Sometimes its brought home to me crystal clear that I might not be getting the point across to the kids. We pray for policemen (anyone with a siren, actually) both for their safety and for the people that they're helping. We talk about how their job is dangerous but necessary. We talk about different aspects of their jobs. Several years ago, when we saw a policeman pulling someone over, Lee earnestly prayed that "God, please help him give them a ticket!" I thought that was probably the highlight of our rolling praying adventures. I was wrong.

This week we passed two patrol cars blocking a truck in a parking lot, cuffing the guy at the truck. Lots of sirens and flashing lights and lots of drama. I said: "Its Cassie's turn to pray outloud". Because if they all pray outloud, each louder than the others, it descends into chaos and accerlates into bickering, which is not really the goal of praying. And thus Cassie prayed very emphatically ...

"Dear! God! Thank you for letting me go to the dollar store with Mommy and picking pretty flowers ... and, ummmmm, thank you for our food! Amen"

Next time I guess I'll be saying "Its Cassies turn to pray outloud FOR THE POLICEMEN OVER THERE IN THE PARKING LOT."

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