Weirdly Wonderful Avocados

According to Shape Magazine (which is a HORRID magazine), Ohio State University "found that people who ate a salad containing avocado got seven times as much vision-protecting lutein and nearly 18 times the cancer-fighting beta carotene as those who had the" same salad without avocado. Implied dosage about 1/3 cup of avocado. Thats like a half-avocado, right?

And now that I've shared this with the family, I've got boys requesting vegetable snacks with an avocado booster. A boy that wouldn't TOUCH an apple has now decided avocado and apples are probably a good idea. And how cool that eating one carrot and some avocado is like eating 18 CARROTS!

Apparently, I'm raising very efficient eaters who have found a way to "cheat" on veggie intake. Ironically, they haven't noticed they're eating more veggies than ever! Wooohoooooo!


I did not know this about avacados! I always forget to pick those up.

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