Christmas Dinner Menu

Because I'll forget things if I don't "archive" the menu. It can get ... complicated.

When I was a little girl, we always went to my grandmother's for dinner. Small children have ... odd taste ... so she went out of her way to accomodate me and my brother. She told us that she'd let each one of use choose a special dish that we liked. We chose chicken-n-rice (which is like a baked risotto) and deviled eggs. Oh, the uproar among family members! Lowly chicken-n-rice and Summer-y deviled eggs! But, she never budged. Not one bit.

I want that for my children. The sense of family history at the holidays. The perfect combination of valuing the individual and celebrating the family at the same time. And so, this year I've asked the children what dish they'd like to add to the traditional dinner. I'm courageous that way.

Ron wants ... chicken enchiladas with tomatillo cream sauce

Lee wants ... green beans (Specifically, organic white-half-runners canned by a short fat farmwife in rural Tennessee. My mother has got me covered.)

Cassie wants ... tomato slices. Or macaroni and cheese. Or tomato slices. I'm easy. We'll be having both.

Obviously, we'll also be having chicken-n-rice and deviled eggs. Now, the chicken-n-rice is one of my husband's favorite things. So, maybe I'll let him have that and I'll use "Spinach Maria" which is creamed spicy spinach. Its SO fabulous!

Here we go:

Chicken enchiladas (made with manicotti noodles)
Honey-Baked Ham
Turkey (cooked with apples and onions)
Turkey gravy
Rolls ( my mothers)
brocolli with cheese sauce
macaroni and cheese
green beans
spinach maria
cranberry sauce
chicken -n-rice
deviled eggs
sweet tea
lemon slices
tomato slices, cucumbers, green olives, sweet gherkin pickles,
mashed potatoes
mashed sweet potatoes (with marshmellow, pineapple, and nut topping)
creamed corn (or maybe frozen corn on the cob for the kids)

Carrot Cake
Brownies (chocolate chunk with green and red m&m))
Pecan Pie (my mother's)
Wet coconut cake
Pineapple upside-down cake (husband really wants this, chilled)
Assorted Christmas cookies (Maybe including those yummy lemon bars from Earth Girl

When we run out of Turkey and Ham (Sometime the Day after Christmas) I can poach some salmon and finish off the rest of the assorted veggies.

I'm stil thinking about the day after that. Maybe pizza. Or, maybe I'll just never eat again :)

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