Sarcastically Inclined Husband And The Fortune Cookies

After a brutal day of painting in high wind (which involved paint in my hair) I snapped like a twig. Actually, I snapped like a wet noodle. A very limp wet noodle. Much too limp to cook dinner. So we went out for chinese food. Its a win-win-win situation. The food on the buffet is good. The kids love chopsticks. The tables are small so we put the kids at a table across from our table and explain that inter-table talking is rude to other customers. Its almost like dinner out with a babysitter! Slowly, everyone settles down into complete relaxed bliss.

Then the fortune cookies come to the table.

I cheated a little. I could see through the partly flared cookie one that said "You are never selfish" and I seized it! What a very good cookie to open and then show my husband who might be having other thoughts about me as we put the details on the new house!

I opened it with a flourish! I read it jauntily! He almost swallowed his tongue laughing. The full fortune cookie said "You are never selfish ... with your opinion" He actually literally turned colors laughing. Kinda of splotchy and purplely.

Then, he opened his. He just tossed it on the table, which drives me NUTS! How is it possible to open a cookie and NOT read the fortune!?! I suspect thats why he does it. Of course you just know I picked up the fortune and read it to him: "A trip South will bring you great peace and happiness"

Ha! I've been trying to convince him for weeks that we should all go South for Christmas. Tennessee. Georgia. Kentucky. It would be SO great! He could see it all over my face.

He couldn't resist ... "I knew I should go to MEXICO!"


Oh, that is just too funny!!!

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