The New Babysitter

Sometimes we're a bit of a surprise for a new babysitter. I mean, sure, I have rules. But I don't expect them to clean my house. In my world, its their job to keep the children safe (and content, if feasible). Thats it. If I come home and everyone is safe, they've done a good job! And we pay well. And our children don't bite. I've actually had a baby-sitter tell me "I can't believe I got paid for this."

But ...

... we do have some very particular concerns regarding availability right now. FInally, we got a recommendation from someone we actually trust. She recommended a girl she has known since pre-school. The girl stopped by my hursband's office for an interview. It went like this:

Husband: Can you work on Wednesday afternoons?
Girl: yes.

Husband: We'll see you then. Here's directions.
Girl: Um, don't you have any more questions?

Husband: No.
Girl: Um, really, SHOULDN'T you have some more questions !?!

Husband: (medium smile) No. You've received a sparkleling recommendation from Hailey. She's known you since pre-school. Thats more than 20 years. Its unlikely that she's missed something I'm going to uncover during an interview. For example, have you killed anyone? No? See. Further questioning would be pointless.
Girl: (tad disconcerted) Ok. See you Wednesday.

I get the feeling it'll take her a little bit to adjust to us. :)


Heehee...make her wonder, it will keep her on her toes.

Leni | 09/22/2008 - 05:53 PM
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